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The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
   Cult-Stuff - 2014

Notes: The series feature a second group of 12 Conan Doyle short stories, following 
where Adventures of Sherlock Holmes left off, predominantly using artwork by Josh 
Werner and Scott Houseman. (Base cards are numbered sequentially within this release 
and also in the "overall" sequence.) Each group of 9 base cards is found in corresponding 
packs A, B, and C.     

Artefact cards are marked "Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and may be used in more 
than one of the Holmes series. Thanks to John Biagioni and David Rosciszewski for the 
help! Further information and scans are posted at the Cult-Stuff website.

Case: 12 packs of 9 base cards + inserts.
Common sets (27): 4 per case.

      No.    Title                                            Overall #    Story

          Pack A Base Cards

         1   Professor Moriarty                                   28
         2   Silver Blaze                                         29
         3   The Adventure of the Cardboard Box                   30
         4   The Adventure of the Yellow Face                     31
         5   The Adventure of the Stockbroker's Clerk             32
         6   The Adventure of the Gloria Scott                    33
         7   The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual                 34
         8   The Adventure of the Reigate Squire                  35
         9   The Adventure of the Crooked Man                     36

          Pack B Base Cards

        10   The Adventure of the Resident Patient                37
        11   The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter               38
        12   The Adventure of the Naval Treaty                    39
        13   The Final Problem                                    40
        14   "Improbable as it is, all other explanations are m   41       The Silver Blaze
        15   "Do not mention my name at all in connection with    42       The Cardboard Box
        16   "Any truth is better than indefinite doubt."         43       The Yellow Face
        17   "I rather give myself away when I explain. Results   44       The Stock Broker's Clerk
        18   "I had often endeavored to elicit from my companio   45       The Gloria Scott

          Pack C Base Cards

        19   "I have taken to living by my wits."                 46       The Musgrave Ritual
        20   "It is of the highest importance in the art of det   47       The Reigate Squire
        21   "It's every man's business to see justice done."     48       The Crooked Man
        22   "Now that you have explained it, I confess that I    49       The Resident Patient
        23   "Sometimes I found myself regarding him as an isol   50       The Greek Interpreter
        24   "If this paper remains blue, all is well. If it tu   51       The Naval Treaty
        25   "It is stupidity rather than courage to refuse to    52       The Final Problem
        26   (rowing)                                             53       Sidney Paget 1860-1908
        27   The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan Doyle     54       First Edition


Moriarty's Brain (Josh Werner) / Study in Scarlet (Robert Hack) Puzzle Cards (3:4 packs)

         1   (Moriarty puzzle top left)
         2   (Moriarty puzzle top middle)
         3   (Moriarty puzzle top right)
         4   (Moriarty puzzle center left)
         5   (Moriarty puzzle center)
         6   (Moriarty puzzle center right)
         7   (Moriarty puzzle bottom left)
         8   (Moriarty puzzle bottom middle)
         9   (Moriarty puzzle bottom right)

Mini Chase Cards (1-1/2" x 2-1/2"; art by Sidney Paget; 1:4 packs)

     MSC1    Sherlock Holmes - The Adventure of the Resident Patient
     MSC2    Mycroft Holmes - The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter
     MSC3    Professor Moriarty - The Adventure of the Final Problem

Strand Originals Artefact Cards

       S2    (line of text)
       S2    (line of text; # to 20)
       S2    (block of text)
       S2    (cover small circle)
       S2    (full image fold-out)
       S2    (full image fold-out; # to 20)

          Some but not all of the Strand artefacts have hand lettering indicating the story
          from which the cutting was taken. The key and # for each story is given below.

    S2 CB    The Cardboard Box        (50)
    S2 CM    The Crooked Man          (35)
    S2 FP    The Final Problem        (45)
    S2 GI    The Greek Interpreter    (35)
    S2 GS    The Gloria Scott         (36)
    S2 MR    The Musgrave Ritual      (40)
    S2 NT    The Naval Treaty         (76)
    S2 RP    The Resident Patient     (47)
    S2 RS    The Reigate Squire       (33)
    S2 SB    Silver Blaze             (60)
    S2 SC    The Stockbroker's Clerk  (39)
    S2 YF    The Yellow Face          (30)

Victorian Artefacts

       --    (1/2d postage oval, green)
       --    (1/2d postage oval, red)
       --    (1/2d stamp, green)
       --    (1/2d stamp, orange)
       --    (2d stamp, blue, # to 10)
       --    (2-1/2d stamp, purple)
       --    (4d stamp, purple)
       --    (10d stamp, red)
       --    (20p stamp, purple; # to 25)
       --    (1s stamp, green)
       --    (1s stamp, red)

       --    (penny black stamp; # to  4)
       --    (penny red stamp; # to  3)
       --    (penny red stamp; # to 35)
       --    (penny red stamp; # to 65)

       --    (farthing coin; # to 25)
       --    (silver threepence coin; # to 6)

Redemption Cards

      SHR    Poster
      SHR    Post Card
      SHR    Envelope

Expansion Cards

       24    (blood under streetlamp; Sherlock Holmes and Victorial Crime)
       25    Tentacled Terror (art by Robert Hack; Cult-Stuff 5th Anniversary Yearbox)
       26    The Grand Conflict (art by Robert Hack)

Pro mos for Other Cult-Stuff Series

      P1A    Sherlock Holmes: The Long Stories  [matte finish]
      P1B    Sherlock Holmes: The Long Stories  [glossy finish]
      P1     War of the Worlds: Earth Under the Martians

Silhouette Card (card back same as sketch cards)

       --    (silhouette collage; # to 75)

Case-Topper Cards

     SHC1  1 Sherlock Holmes / Professor Moriarty [also in packs and at conventions]
     ACD1  1 Tricycling

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

      --     Glossy finish parallel set 1-27     [ 5 cases]
     SHC1       (with set; glossy finish)        [ 5 cases]
     SC-1    David Day (double sketch card)      [15 cases]
     SC-2    Scott Fellowes (double sketch card) [15 cases]
             Scott Rorie (double sketch card)    [15 cases]

Artist Sketch Cards

          Sketches by artists with a "+" were also found in 2013 Cult-Stuff Mystery Packs.

      --     Anastasia Catris       [Limited]
      --     Adam Talley
      --   + Andrew Richmond
      --   + Barry Linck
      --   + Brian Typhair
      --     Carolyn Edwards        [Limited]
      --   + Chris Dee (Duhazé)
      --     Chris Thorne
      --   + Clinton Yeager
      --   + Dan Gorman
      --     Danny Silva
      --     David Carillo
      --     David Day
      --     Debra Quinn
      --   + Eric Van Elsande
      --     Herve Creach           [Limited]
      --     Huy Truong
      --     Israel Arteaga
      --   + j(ay)
      --     Jennifer Rose Evans    [Limited]
      --     Jesse Hughes
      --   + John Monserrat
      --     Joshua Werner          [Limited]
      --   + Kitty L. Dye
      --     Kris Justice
      --     Laura Inglis           [Limited]
      --   + Marcia Dye
      --   + Marco D. Carrillo
      --     Matt Erkhart           [Limited]
      --     Matthew Ziegler        [Very Limited]
      --   + Michael Munshaw        [Very Limited]
      --     Mike Hannan
      --     Patrick Hamill         [Limited]
      --   + Paulina Vassileva
      --     Reid Fisher
      --   + Robert Hack
      --     Sal Galindo            [Limited]
      --     Scott Fellowes
      --     Scott Rorie            [Very Limited]
      --     Stephanie Swanger
      --   + Ted Woods
      --   + Terry "Pav" Pavlet     [Limited]
      --     Wu Wei                 [Very Limited]


   P0        (smoking jacket; Memorabilia Show)
   P1        (Blue The Strand cover; general distribution)
   T1        (sniffing cigar; mini magno; T. Breyer Unique; 25 made]
   --        Mini Magno Promo 1 (struggle at Falls)
   --        Magno Promo 2 (Watson and Holmes in coach; limited to 48)
  NSTC1      (Watson and Holmes in coach; left)
  NSTC2      (Watson and Holmes in coach; right)
Premier 1    (magnifying glass; Premier Cards; magno; limited to 25)
Premier 1    (magnifying glass; Premier Cards; magno, signed by Huy Truong; # to 15)
Proof Card   Professor Moriarty (brain; Magno)

          Promo Puzzle (inserted with the series Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)

         1   Poison (puzzle top left)
         2   Irene Adler (puzzle top middle)
         3   (lab equipment; puzzle top right)
         4   (pipe; puzzle center left)
         5   (jawbone; puzzle center)
         6   (face; puzzle center right)
         7   (scroll S; puzzle bottom left)
         8   221B Baker St. (puzzle bottom middle)
         9   (scroll es; puzzle bottom right)

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©2014, 2015 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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