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Shi Mega Chromium Cards
Krome Productions - 1998

Notes:  Thanks much to Jens Hanke for the basic checklist and to Dave
Christensen for updates!  This series also had "hot boxes" with all prismatic-
trim cards replacing the chromium base set and prismatic-trim inserts replacing
the regular chromium chase cards.

   No.    Card Text / Title / Credits

The Way of the Warrior - 1994-1998

     1    Try as she might, Ana Ishikawa never quite had
     2    a normal life. Born in Kyoto, Japan, She was
     3    raised as devout Catholic by her American
     4    mother. But her Japanese grandfather trained
     5    her in the ways of his secret warrior sect, the
     6    sohei, until she was deadly enough to go forth
     7    and avenge her father's death at the hands of a
     8    Yakuza crimelord.
     9    -- Plot: Billy Tucci
    10    -- Story: Billy Tucci and Peter Gutierrez
    11    -- Art: Billy Tucci

The Series Fire and Ice - February 1998-March 1998

    12    Fire and Ice was a wild tale that pits Shi
    13    against the lovely but lethal Gemini Dawn ...

    14    The Series Bad Blood - April 1998-May 1998

Heaven and Earth - July 1997-Feb 1998

    15    In the sequel to Shi: The Way of the Warrior,
    16    Ana must rescue her mother, who is held pris-
    17    oner by renegades within Ana's own warrior
    18    society, the sohei. Forced to accept the help
    19    of her enemy, Arashi, Ana sets out to save ...

The Series Fire and Ice - February 1998-March 1998

    20    ... twins! To save the life of the man who ...
    21    -- Tony Bedard, Kevin Lau, Phyllis Novin

    22    The Series The Dark Crusade - May 1998-September 1998

    23    Shi/Daredevil - Jan 1997

Heaven and Earth - July 1997-Feb 1998

    24    her mother ... even if it means the destruction
    25    of the sohei!
    27    -- Story: Billy Tucci
    28    -- Story Asst/ Script: Gary Cohn
    29    -- Art: Billy Tucci

    30    The Way of the Warrior - 1994-1998


Chromium Cards

Chase 1
Chase 2
Chase 3
Chase 4

Card Album

    --    (Binder)

SHI MEGA PREVIEW SET (limited to 3000 sets)

    --    (7-card preview set in envelope)


    --    (30-card chromium set with prism trim)
    --    (4-card chromium chase set with prism trim)


    --    (30-card holochrome set)


    --    (Art by Kevin Lau; chromium, limited to 2000)
    --    (Art by Kevin Lau; refractor, limited to 500)

©2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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