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Ships and Planes (small)
   Peco (Pecheur Licorice Co.) - 1956
Ships and Planes (large)
   Peco (Pecheur Licorice Co.) - 1956

Notes: Cards could be cut out of candy boxes. They were found in two sizes: 
1-5/16" x 2-3/4" and 2-3/4" x 3-5/8". American Card Catalog reference is 
R800. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                             Subtitle

  1   USS Constitution                  Famous American Revolutionary frigate
  2   Voltee Coronado                   Long range flying patrol boat
  3   USS Chester - Cruiser             Escort and fighting ship
  4   Voltee Liberator                  Long range patrol bomber
  5   USS Ranger - Aircraft Carrier     Plane capacity four squadrons
  6   USS Saratoga - Aircraft Carrier   33,000 tons - speed 33.9 knots
  7   USS Missouri - Battleship         "Big Mo" has seen action in two wars
  8   Grumman F6F Navy Fighter          Famous "Hellcat" single seater
  9   Curtiss SB2C-3 Navy Bomber        Speedy dive bomber known as the "Helldiver"
 10   USS Wasp - Aircraft Carrier       Mightly flattop carries 100 planes
 11   Landing Ship, Tanks - LST         Vanguard of invasion
 12   USS Arkansas - Battleship         26,000 tons - speed 19 knots
 13   USS Constitution                  Known as "Old Ironsides"
 14   USS Erie - Gunboat                Called, "Keeper of law and order"
 15   USS Zane - Minesweeper            Opens lanes in dangerous waters
 16   USS Bon Homme Richard             John Paul Jones' flagship in 1779
 17   USS Texas - Battleship            Carries a crew of over 2,000
 18   USS Anderson - Destroyer          Speed 37 knots - carries 5 5" guns
 19   F84G - Thunderjet Fighter         Equipped for air-to-air refuelling
 20   USS PTM7 - Motor Torpedo Boat     World's fastest combat speed
 21   F-86E - Sabre Jet                 Single seat fighter plane
 22   Lockheed F-94B ASAF               Two seat all-weather fighter
 23   USS Minneapolis - Cruiser         9,950 tons displacement
 24   Douglas XF40-1 - Navy Fighter     "Skyroy" is a tail-less single seat monoplane
 25   USS Preble - Minelayer            Menace to enemy transports
 26   USS colorado - Battleship         32,500 tons of dynamite in action
 27   USS PT17 - Motor Torpedo Boat     Mile a minute midget boat
 28   USS O-8 - Submarine               Operates at long range
 29   Goodyear L-1 Blimp                Lighter-than-air craft
 30   USS Hambleton - Destroyer         Nemesis of submarines and aircraft

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