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Billy Tucci's Shi
   5FINITY Productions - 2012

Notes: This sketch-card release was limited to 1250 packs. The artist list is 
based on preliminary data; sketches have not yet been reported for artists shown 
with a "*". Thanks to the Scoundrel Art Community for assistance! Further 
information and scans may be posted at the 5FINITY website.

    Artist                          # drawn

Rare Artists

    Roger Andrews
    Jean Arrow
    Hayden Davis
    Kelly Everaert
    Joshua Flower
    Anthony Hochrein
    Lauren Kelly
    Bill McKay
    Rhiannon Owens
    Buddy Prince
    Cal Slayton
    Terry Tibke
    Arley Tucker
    George Webber                    8
    Jason Worthington

Regular Artists

    Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
    Kristin Allen                   16
    Lynne Anderson                  16
    Ray Anthony-Height              20
    Kristen Bailey
    Mary Bellamy
    Dennis Budd
    Chad Cicconi
    Amy Clark
    Adam Cleveland
    Ben Dunn
    Danielle Ellison
    Juan "Tonio" Fontanez           16
    Jerry "Franchize" Gaylord
    Penelope "Peng-Peng" Gaylord
    Joel Gomez                      24
    Danielle (Soloud) Gransaull
    Ben Hansen
    David "Art Assassin" Harrigan
    Kate Hayward
    Lea Hernandez                   32
    Erica Hesse
    Cassandra James
    Chris Johnson
    Samantha Johnson
 *  Frank Kadar
    Randy Kintz
    Ryan Kincaid                    16
    Sherry Leak
    Elfie Lebouleux
    Daniel J. Logan
    Dominic Marco
    Bill Maus                       40
 *  Pete McDonough
 *  Jennifer Mercer
    Jason Metcalf                   16
    Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
    Michael Munshaw                 16
    Marat Mychaels
    David Namisato
    Vo Nguyen
    Ryan Odagawa
 *  Claire Pacheco
    Troy Parke
    Jeff Pina
    Spencer "Splatt" Platt
    Ashleigh Popplewell
    Bill Pulkovski                  16
    Edward Pun                      16
 *  Pasquale Qualano
    Frank Rapoza
    Scott Rorie                     24
 *  David Ryan
    Mina Sanwald
    Tony Scott
    Louis Small
    Jason Sobol
    Amber Stone
    Bianca Thompson
    William Tucci                   30
    Bryan "Flash" Turner
    Mel Uran
    Lindsay "Pugg Dogg" Walker      32
    John Watkins-Chow
    Ryan Wilton

Autographed Card [50 signed]

    Billy Tucci

Dealer Incentive Card [distributed with Kitty Ditties]

    Bill Maus

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