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Shock Theater / Shocking Laffs (Test Issue)
   Topps - 1975
Shock Theatre / Shocking Laffs
   Topps Ireland - 1976

Notes: Packaging uses the "Shock" title but card backs are headed by the "Laffs" logo. The series was published as a test set 
in the USA in 1975 and as a full set in Ireland  in 1976; cards are most easily distinguished by the copyright date. Several 
numbering and caption changes were made; the primary list below reflects the Ireland version, which almost always is the 
same as the cards in Proof versions sold through the Topps Vault. It has "tan/cream" card stock for backs versus the gray 
card stock on backs of the USA test version. The USA  test set had two #17 cards and no #47, and this phenomenon was 
reversed for the Ireland set, which also had card-back variants for #40. Thanks to Jim  Walls for the  update!

Kurt Kuersteiner wrote a fine article on some of the lore for this set, posted at the website of The Wrapper magazine.

Test Box: 36 packs.

No.   Caption [Topps Ireland cream back and Proof]             Caption [USA Test Set gray back]

  1   I can't understand why girls don't like me!              But I ordered a vanilla shake! 
  2   Support Vampire Lib!                                     I can't understand why girls don't like me!
  3   My goodness! You've brainwashed him!                        [same]
  4   I get the feeling the villagers don't like me!              [same]
  5   I think you've got a screw loose!                           [same]
  6   Drac's snacks                                            I cannot tell a lie - I chopped down the cherry tree!
  7   I've got to cut down on my drinking!                     Doctor, will you please lend me a hand!
  8   Beware of vampires!                                      Nuts! Blew another fuse!
  9   Dracula lives!                                           At last! I've invented lemonade!
 10   But all I asked for was a trim!                              [same]
 11   I'm fed up with these cheap hotel rooms!                 I've had it with these cheap hotel rooms!
 12   Counting bats really puts me to sleep!                       [same]
 13   Welcome to the Monster Mash!                             Who took my baby powder!
 14   Dear - your finger nails are a disgrace!                 Not tonight dear... I have a headache!
 15   Who starched my cape?                                       [same]
 16   Can it be my breath?                                     Hmmm... Dishpan hands!
 17 *    [number not used in Ireland Set]                      Pardon me Miss - I lost my contact lenses!
 17 *    [number not used in Ireland Set]                      It's the Heartbreak of psoriasis!
 18   Care for a bite?                                            [same]
 19   The Count Dracula Society wants you!                     I've got a lot at stake!
 20   You forgot to wash behind your ears again!                  [same]
 21   Who said I have bad breath?                              I'm batty over you!
 22   Only my dentist knows for sure!                             [same]
 23   Sure doesn't taste like tomato juice!                       [same]
 24   Down for The Count!                                      Like my new charm necklace?
 25   Dracula for Parliament!                                  Don't be silly - I'm Jewish!
 26   All this place needs is a good paint job!                I sure got the point!
 27   Quick - Get the eye drops!                                  [same]
 28   Presenting... The Transylvania Glee Club!                   [same]
 29   Anybody lose a knitting needle?                             [same]
 30   Who stole my hairspray?                                     [same]
 31   I travel by blood vessel!                                Does this mean we're pinned?
 32   Look Ma - No fillings!                                   Look Ma - No cavities!
 33   What am I bid?                                           Let me take a stab at it!
 34   That was some wild party!                                  [same]
 35   Support your local vampire!                              Who forgot the marshmallows?
 36   Harold, you're weird!                                    Support your local blood bank!
 37   Clean up your room before Father gets home!                [same]
 38   I'm the Big Wheel in this town!                            [same]
 39   Wake up Dear - Breakfast's ready!                          [same]
 40 * I'm just fang-tastic!  [back variation: Buster]          Hap-py Birth-day to you! [also Proof]
 40 *                        [back variation: Irate Judge]
 41   I'm just a big cry-baby!                                 You've been biting your fingernails!
 42   Waiter! The steak is too rare!                             [same]
 43   He sure got the point!                                   Yipes! What a scary dream!
 44   Darling! You've got to stop cooking with garlic!           [same]
 45   I ordered "steak" - not "stake"!                         I have a thing for Bloody Marys!
 46   But Honey... I used a mouthwash this morning!              [same]
 47 * Pardon me Miss - I lost my contact lenses!                 [number not used in USA Test Set]
 47 * I have a real drinking problem!                            [number not used in USA Test Set]
 48   I'm batty over you!                                      Don't cook tonight... Call Monster Delight!
 49   This should cure your hiccups!                              [same]
 50   Equal rights for vampires!                               I'd say you had about a 15-1/2 neck!
 51      [Proof only] I travel by blood vessel!                Those TV doctors never had a case like this!

Uncut Strip 02 (distributed separately)

 26   All this place needs is a good paint job!
 46   But Honey... I used a mouthwash this morning!
 34   That was some wild party!

Uncut Sheet (distributed separately)

 --   (blank back)

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