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Shrek the Third
   Inkworks - 2007

Notes: Thanks to Craig Rusk for the update! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Inkworks website.

Hobby Box: 36 packs of 7 cards. 10 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 3.36 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.   Title

      1   Shrek the Third Premium Trading Cards [title card]

Good Guys

      2   Shrek
      3   Fiona
      4   Donkey
      5   Puss in Boots
      6   Artie
      7   Merlin
      8   Queen Lillian
      9   King Harold

Bad Guys

     10   Prince Charming
     11   Lancelot
     12   Evil Cohorts
     13   The Nightly Brawl

Power Princesses

     14   Sleeping Beauty
     15   Snow White
     16   Cinderella
     17   Rapunzel
     18   Fiona


     19   Romance
     20   Food
     21   Antics

Go! Wor-Ces-Ter-Shire!

     22   Welcome!
     23   Athletics
     24   School Spirit
     25   Popular...Or Not
     26   Safety First!
     27   To Drive

Crumbly Memories

     28   Consider the Cookie
     29   Dough
     30   Good Times

Postcards from Far Far Away

     31   Welcome to the Swamp
     32   Worcestershire High
     33   Far Far Away!
     34   Royal Courtyard
     35   Gotta Love Them Wide Open Spaces
     36   Find Your Happily Ever After

Story Cards

     37   Not so Charming
     38   Mommy's Little Angel
     39   Executive Morning
     40   Official Disasters
     41   Royal Makeover
     42   Grand Entrance
     43   Party Pandemonium
     44   The King is Gone
     45   Final Farewell
     46   The Poison Apple
     47   Charming Army
     48   The Big Goodbyes
     49   Breaking The News
     50   Wait, Fiona's WHAT??!
     51   High School Headaches
     52   Where's This Artie Guy?
     53   Artie's Sword Trick
     54   Baby Shower Fun
     55   Broom Troops
     56   Nope, No Princesses here!
     57   Not King Material
     58   Right up! Word On!
     59   Something In Common
     60   In The Catacombs
     61   Cruel Betrayal
     62   Zoomy Zoom Zoom
     63   Go Go Away
     64   It Was A Lie!
     65   Everybody Behind Bars!
     66   Royalty To The Rescue
     67   Artie Reconsiders
     68   Let's Split Up!
     69   Operation: Break In
     70   Is This The End?!
     71   Artie Saves The Day

     72   Checklist


Scratch and Stink Cards (gold background; 1:5 Hobby packs)

  SH-1    (Shrek)
  SH-2    (Fiona)
  SH-3    (Puss in Boots)
  SH-4    (Donkey)
  SH-5    (Gingy)
  SH-6    (Pinocchio)

Fiona's Fairytale 5 Cards (1:17 packs)

  F-1     Fiona
  F-2     Cinderella
  F-3     Snow White
  F-4     Sleeping Beauty
  F-5     Rapunzel

Artist Sketch Cards (1:36 Hobby packs)

  S-CC    Cynthia Cummens (288)
  S-CF    Chad Frye (133)
  S-CM    Chris Moreno (156)
  S-CS    Cat Staggs (195)
  S-LK    Lee Kohse [RAK] (338)
  S-MD    Mark Dos Santos (272)
  S-MW    Matt Wendt (316)
  S-RD    Ray Dillon (261)
  S-RL    Renae De Liz (331)
  S-TB    Taylor Bills (323)
  S-TF    Tess Fowler (318)
  S-TR    Tone Rodriguez (328)

Raul's Make-Up Tips Box-Loader Cards (Hobby boxes)

  BL-1    Green Canvas
  BL-2    Femininity
  BL-3    Ready to Party Hearty

Case-Loader Card (Hobby cases)

  CL-1    Ogre Love

Scratch and Stink Cards (green background; 1:1 Retail packs)

  S-1     (Shrek)
  S-2     (Fiona)
  S-3     (Puss in Boots)
  S-4     (Donkey)
  S-5     (Gingy)
  S-6     (Pinocchio)

Tattoos (1:2 Retail boxes)

  T-1     Shrek
  T-2     I'm All Ears
  T-3     Happily Ever After
  T-4     Holy Guaca-Moly
  T-5     I'm Into Mythical Creatures
  T-6     Ogres Rock

Card Album (sold separately)

  --      Shrek the Third (album)


  S3-1    (Donkey, Puss, Shrek, Fiona)
  S3-2    (Shrek, Puss, Donkey; gate to right)
  S3-3    (Donkey, Shrek, Puss; gate behind)
  S3-T    (Donkey, Shrek, Puss; Far Far Away; trade shows)
S3-SD2006 (Shrek; San Diego Comic Con 2006)
  S3-NY   (Shrek, Puss, Donkey; falling; NY Toy Fair)
  S3-i    (Shrek, Puss, Donkey; running; exclusive)
  H2006   (Shrek and gang decorating Christmas tree)
  --      Shrek the Third (dealer sell sheet)

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