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Signs Movie Cards
Touchtone Pictures - 2002

Notes:  This 12-card set was distributed at movie theatres, and could be used
to help unlock a code to see extra material at the movie's website.  Many thanks
to Michael Kartchner for the list!

No.   Title

  1   "Face" 08.14.2001
  2   "Seti Coded Message" 08.19.2001
  3   "Circle Fleets" 08.05.2001
  4   "Galaxy Spiral Arm" 08.12.2001
  5   "Scorpion" 07.15.1994
  6   "Eve" 07.19.1994
  7   "Solar System" 06.22.1995
  8   "One Spiral Arm" 07.07.1996
  9   "Close Encounter" 08.08.1998
 10   "Star" 07.19.1999
 11   "Diamond" 06.19.2000
 12   "Saucer Fleet" 06.25.1999

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