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The Simpsons Anniversary Celebration - Premium
   Inkworks - 2000

Note:  Additional information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website. Many of the titles
are not printed on the cards, but the content is shown on the checklist thingy.

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards plus one decoder.
Common sets: approx. 2.02 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.   Title                                    Subset

     1   The Simpsons                             Decade of D'Oh
     2   Good Night                               Decade of D'Oh
     3   Making Faces                             Decade of D'Oh
     4   Shut Up Simpsons                         Decade of D'Oh
     5   Simpsons Premieres                       Decade of D'Oh
     6   First Emmy                               Decade of D'Oh
     7   Bart Gets an F                           Decade of D'Oh
     8   Do the Bartman                           Decade of D'Oh
     9   Stark Raving Dad                         Decade of D'Oh
    10   Kamp Krusty                              Decade of D'Oh
    11   Homer's Barbershop Quartet               Decade of D'Oh
    12   Bart of Darkness                         Decade of D'Oh
    13   Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Pt Two)             Decade of D'Oh
    14   Treehouse of Horror VII                  Decade of D'Oh
    15   The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson   Decade of D'Oh
    16   Lard of the Dance                        Decade of D'Oh
    17   Beyond Blunderdome                       Decade of D'Oh
    18   Global Fan Fest                          Decade of D'Oh
    19   Marge                                    The Family Simpsons
    20   Grampa                                   The Family Simpsons
    21   Homer                                    The Family Simpsons
    22   Maggie                                   The Family Simpsons
    23   Bart                                     The Family Simpsons
    24   Lisa                                     The Family Simpsons
    25   Snowball II                              The Family Simpsons
    26   Selma & Patty                            The Family Simpsons
    27   Santa's Little Helper                    The Family Simpsons
    28   Mr. Burns                                The Establishment
    29   Waylon Smithers                          The Establishment
    30   Seymour Skinner                          The Establishment
    31   Edna Krabappel                           The Establishment
    32   Dr. Julius Hibbert                       The Establishment
    33   Chief Wiggum                             The Establishment
    34   Krusty the Clown                         Springfield Stars
    35   Sideshow Bob & Sideshow Mel              Springfield Stars
    36   Itchy & Scratchy                         Springfield Stars
    37   The Flanders                             Springfield Citizens
    38   Apu                                      Springfield Citizens
    39   Otto                                     Springfield Citizens
    40   Groundskeeper Willie                     Springfield Citizens
    41   Moe & Barney                             Springfield Citizens
    42   Lenny & Carl                             Springfield Citizens
    43   The Thugs                                School Kids
    44   Sissies                                  School Kids
    45   Milhouse                                 School Kids
    46   Dali                                     Art by Bart
    47   Hopper                                   Art by Bart
    48   Botticelli                               Art by Bart
    49   Roy Lichtenstein                         Art by Bart
    50   Munch                                    Art by Bart
    51   Michelangelo                             Art by Bart
    52   Tips                                     Bart SK8
    53   Know-how                                 Bart SK8
    54   Trivia                                   Bart SK8
    55   Pick Pocket                              Homer Sweet Homer
    56   Super Dad                                Homer Sweet Homer
    57   In the Groove                            Homer Sweet Homer
    58   Pie-Pi                                   Homer Sweet Homer
    59   Mischief Maker                           Homer Sweet Homer
    60   Homework Helper                          Homer Sweet Homer
    61   Kiss the Cook                            Homer Sweet Homer
    62   Couch Potato                             Homer Sweet Homer
    63   At the Beach                             Homer Sweet Homer
    64   Patty & Selma                            Censored
    65   Bart Demure                              Censored
    66   Kiss My...                               Censored
    67   Low Rider                                Censored
    68   Howdy Homer                              Censored
    69   Sweet Homer                              Censored
    70   M in Mr. Burns                           Censored
    71   Marge Arises                             Censored
    72   Forbidden Fruit                          Censored
    73   Bongo Bart                               Beatnik Kids
    74   Saxy Lisa                                Beatnik Kids
    75   Cool Maggie                              Beatnik Kids
    76   Big Foot                                 Couch Gags
    77   Wall Mount                               Couch Gags
    78   Family Skeletons                         Couch Gags
    79   Reverse Order                            Couch Gags
    80   Underwater                               Couch Gags
    81   Checklist Thingy ...

   T1    Decoder Thingy ...  (1:pack)


Cut-Up (Die-Cut) Cards (1:11 packs)

   C1    Homer Simpson    [Duff Beer]
   C2    Lisa Simpson     [saxophone]
   C3    Bart Simpson     [skateboard]
   C4    Maggie Simpson   [shopping bag]
   C5    Marge Simpson    [Maggie hat]
   C6    Homer Simpson    [TV remote]
   C7    Gramdpa          [chairbound]
   C8    Krusty the Clown [smiling]
   C9    [tomahawks]

Nuclear Neon Cards (1:17 packs)

   N1    [Three eyed Bart]
   N2    [Skeleton Bart]
   N3    [Radwaste Homer]
   N4    [Envirosuited Homer]
   N5    [Radioactive Bart]
   N6    Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

Diorama-Rama Cards (1:27 packs)

   D1    Kitchen (front), Back yard (back)
   D2    Bar (front), Nuclear Plant (back)
   D3    Overlay: Bart mooning
   D4    Overlay: Homer snoozing

Autographed Cards

   A1    Harry Shearer
   A2    Dan Castellaneta
   A3    Yeardley Smith
   A4    Nancy Cartwright
   A5    Marcia Wallace
   R1    (Redemption Card)

Case Loader (Promo Card)

 SC-1    Greetings from Springfield U.S.A.

Collector Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (die-cut binder)


  P-1    We're Baaack! (Bart)
  P-2    We're Baaack! (Homer)
  P-3    We're Baaack! (Marge)
  P-4    We're Baaack! (Bart, U.K.)
 NSU-1   Celebrating their 10th Anniversary (Non-Sport Update)
WW2000   Comin' atcha, man! (Wizard World Comic Con)
SD2000   We're Baaack! (Landscape orientation, San Diego Comic Con)
 SC-i    Comin' atcha, man! ( offer)

  --     Comin' atcha, man!  (Advertising sell sheet)

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