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The Simpsons Collectible Stickers
Artbox - 2000

Note:  Sticker-cards have identical backs, with only the logos and copyright data.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.50 per box if collation were perfect.
Also issued in packs holding 10 cards.

No.   Text / Image

  1   Bart
  2   Homer
  3   Marge
  4   Maggie
  5   Lisa
  6   (empty sofa)
  7   (family on sofa, inverted sizes)
  8   (large foot)
  9   (family on sofa, amphibians)
 10   (family on sofa, skeletons)
 11   (Grandpa on sofa, hunting trophies)
 12   (family's favorite sayings)
 13   (Maggie in grocery sack)
 14   (Bart with TV remote)
 15   nuclear family
 16   (Homer with burger)
 17   Everyone's Favorite Couch
 18   Close But No Donut
 19   Springfield Country Club
 20   Property of Ned Flanders xx Homer Simpson
 21   Exercise #427 - The Donut Curl
 22   D'Oh! Nuts! Mmmmm, Donuts!
 23   MMM... 9-Holes
 24   Couch Coach
 25   Donuts... Is There Nothing They Can't Do?
 26   D'Oh! D'Oh! D'Oh! D'Oh! D'Oh! D'Oh! D'Oh!
 27   Carpe Diem - Seize the Donut
 28   XXXXXL
 29   If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing.
 30   Ha Ha
 31   Springfield Hall Patrol
 32   The "I Didn't Do It" Boy
 33   Yeah... nothing Rhymes with Bart
 34   Brain Freeze Sponsored by KwikEMart
 35   Smell ya later
 36   I didn't do it. Nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.
 37   100% Bart
 38   Censored - Parental Advisory Explicit Content
 39   (Bart's slingshot)
 40   Bart / Lisa
 41   Homework Excuses
 42   (Maggie in flowers)
 43   See - Hear - Speak No Evil
 44   Malibu Stacy
 45   Where's Maggie?
 46   Don't have a cow, man!
 47   Love NOW
 48   Something about him really appeals to me
 49   Girl Power
 50   "Cool on Ice"
 51   The Old "Fission" Hole
 52   I like School! Jazz rules! Smart girls are cool!
 53   (Lisa in the sun)
 54   Toxic Skateboards
 55   99% Bart SK8-D-LUX
 56   Bart SK8
 57   Bartwear Springfield USA
 58   Toxic
 59   Homer (your wheels stink) sk8 Co.
 60   S.S.C. Springfield Skate Club
 61   Bart Would
 62   Homey Isle Style
 63   Smell the Gravel
 64   Skate-Boarding Is Not A Crime, Man.
 65   (dartboard)
 66   Jebediah Springfield
 67   SNPP Worker Drone
 68   Greetings from Springfield U.S.A.
 69   Krusty  Burger - Over Dozens Sold!
 70   Lard Lad Donuts
 71   Excellent
 72   Thank you, come again.


Prism Stickers

C1    Powder Puff
C2    "See the Pins - Be the Pins"
C3    Pin Pals
C4    Bowling
C5    Bowl-a-Record
C6    Crackpot Bowling
C7    Barney's Bowl-a-Rama
C8    Smell Those Shoes
C9    Apu
C10   Moe
C11   Mr. Burns
C12   Homer

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