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The Simpsons Down Under
   Tempo - 1996

Notes: Thanks much to Alex Jones and LMA for the initial list and to 
Andrew Holderness for the update!

Box: 30 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.04 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.   Title / Description          Card Back

Character Cards

   1   Homer J. Simpson             Tourist Permit Australia
   2   Marge Simpson                Tourist Permit Australia
   3   Abraham Grampa Simpson       Old Folks Pass
   4   Lisa Simpson                 Tourist Permit Australia
   5   Bart Simpson                 Tourist Permit Australia
   6   Maggie Simpson               Tourist Permit Australia
   7   Milhouse Van Houten          Carl Yaztremski Fan Club
   8   Uter                         Student Exchange Permit
   9   Ralph Wiggum                 Police Chiefs Sons Club
  10   Waylon Smithers              Malibu Stacey Appreciation Society
  11   Charles Montgomery Burns     Nuclear Power Plant Owners Club
  12   Apu Nahasapeemapetilon       Kwik-E-Mart Squishee License
  13   Sherri and Terri             I Look Like Her + She Looks Like Me Club
  14   Mr Largo                     Hall Pass - Springfield Elementary School
  15   Bag Boy - Teenage Clerk      Bag Boy Club
  16   Snowball II                  Springfield Pound Feline Section
  17   Santa's Little Helper        Springfield Pound Canine Section
  18   Scratchy - Itchy             Violent Cartoon Characters Guild
  19   Principal Skinner            Hall Pass - Springfield Elementary School
  20   Mrs. Krabappel               V.I.P. - Lonely Hearts Personal Column
  21   Groundskeeper Willie         Shooters Permit
  22   Chief Wiggum                 Donut Club King
  23   Eddie - Lou                  World's Greatest Daredevil Captain Lance Murdock
  24   Lionel Hutz                  Lawyers R' Us
  25   Moe                          Liquor License
  26   Barney Gumble                I Luv Beer Club
  27   Snake                        Get Out of Jail Free
  28   Ruth Powers                  Don't Mess With Me!! Society and Book Club
  29   Princess Kashmir             Exotic Dancers Guild and Book Club
  30   Cletus and Brandine          Boot Skoot'n in Springfield
  31   Krusty the Clown             Krusty the Clown Fan Club
  32   Sideshow Bob                 Springfield Penitentiary
  33   Professor Frink              Mad Scientists Association
  34   Kent Brockman                I Won the Lottery Club
  35   Troy McClure                 I Heart Troy McClure
  36   Dr. Nick Riviera             Springfield Surgical Theatre Pass

Bart vs Australia
  Each card in this part of the collection forms the story of episode

  37   Bart vs Australia
  38   (squeezing tubes)
  39   (Lisa explaining to Bart)
  40   (Bart flushing toilet)
  41   (Homer in shower)
  42   (Marge to Bart)
  43   (Lisa at globe with Bart)
  44   (Bart spinning the globe)
  45   (Pointing to Australia)
  46   (Koala being zapped)
  47   (Bart and Tobias on the phone)
  48   (Milhouse at window)
  49   (Bart looking back at phone)
  50   (Homer with the phone bill)
  51   (Bruno Dondridge with the bill)
  52   (Bruno on the phone to Bart)
  53   (Bruno talking to a member of Parliament)
  54   (Bruno and Gus shouting to the Prime Minister)
  55   (Letters in Bart's bin)
  56   (No reason to block the TV)
  57   (Homer with the globe)
  58   (On the couch with the Undersecretary)
  59   (Arrival at airport)
  60   (Bart and his frog)
  61   (Frog and kangaroo)
  62   (Homer and Marine, just as the punch lands)
  63   (Ambassador at the toilet)
  64   (Homer crying at toilet)
  65   (Knifey Spoony)
  66   (Giant beer)
  67   (Bart apologising)
  68   (The Aussie flag)
  69   (Homer running to the boot)
  70   *Boomerang throw)
  71   (At the two kangaroos)
  72   (Lisa with the didgeridoo)
  73   (Frogs in the shop)
  74   (Running to the embassy)
  75   (Bart with U.S. flag behind him)
  76   (Prime Minister at the gate)
  77   (The boot through the gate)
  78   (Don't tread on me)
  79   (Cans being thrown at chopper)
  80   (Frogs on the corn)
  81   (Koala on the helicopter leg)

Zombie Puzzle
  These cards when placed together correctly create a jigsaw puzzle. On one
  side of the puzzle is the zombie community, and on the other is a blackboard
  scene with the writing "I will not hang doughnuts on my person."

  82   (Groundskeeper Willie and others)   (puzzle top right)
  83   (Dr. Hibbert and others)            (puzzle top middle)
  84   (Grampa and others)                 (puzzle top left)
  85   (Ned Flanders and others)           (puzzle center right)
  86   (Professor Frink and others)        (puzzle center)
  87   (Apu and others)                    (puzzle center left)
  88   (Homer and others)                  (puzzle bottom right)
  89   (Lisa and others)                   (puzzle bottom middle)
  90   (Principal Skinner and others)      (puzzle bottom left)

Tour of Springfield

  91   Moe's Tavern
  92   Kwik-E-Mart
  93   Simpson's Family Home
  94   Springfield Elementary School
  95   Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
  96   Statue of Jebediah Springfield

Checklists and Others

  97   Tempo Collection
  98   Check It Out [Checklist #1]
  99   Check It Out [Checklist #2]
 100   Check It Out [Checklist #3]


Homer As .... Famous Australians Cards (1:7 packs)

 HA1   An Indigenous Australian
 HA2   Captain James Cook
 HA3   Burke and Wills
 HA4   Ned Kelly
 HA5   Dame Edna Everage
 HA6   Crocodile Dundee
 HA7   Mad Max

The Seven Duffs Beer Die-Cut Cards (1:30 packs)

 D1    Sleazy
 D2    Tipsy
 D3    Dizzy
 D4    Edgy
 D5    Surly
 D6    Queasy
 D7    Remorseful

Springfield's Finest Bonus Cards (1:60 packs, numbered to 1750)

 SF1   Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
 SF2   Montgomery Burns
 SF3   Krusty the Clown
 SF4   Nelson Muntz

Oversized Box/Case Cards (6.6" x 10.8"; numbered to 625)

  1    (characters partying)
  2    (all characters screaming)
  3    Don't tread on me (Bart's behind)
  4    (Bart surfing)
  5    (couch scene) (case card)
  6    (Simpsons with kangaroo) (case card)

WOO HOO Card (by redemption, numbered to 200)

SDP1   America's Most Nuclear Family
SDC1   Certification Card
SDR1   (Redemption Card, 1:300 packs)

Bartarang (by redemption, numbered to 50)
  "A traditional dot painted aboriginal boomerang with the Simpsons flavour"

 --    Bartarang
BART1  (Bartarang Exchange Card, 1:1200 packs)

Card Album

 --    (Binder)
SDBC1  (Binder Card)


  1    Homer Simpson
  2    (Bart getting boomerang haircut; same image as Batarang Card)
  3    (Two guys with pigs)
  4    (Family on the couch)

Chase Promos
  All were promos for the chase cards, and have the legend "Sample"
  on the card back where the serial number would otherwise appear.

SDC1   Certification Card
SDP1   America's Most Nuclear Family
SDR1   Redemption
SDBC1  Binder Card
BART1  Batarang Exchange Card
HA1    An Indigenous Australian
HA2    Captain James Cook
HA3    Burke and Wills
HA4    Ned Kelly
HA5    Dame Edna Everage
HA6    Crocodile Dundee
HA7    Mad Max

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