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The Simpsons Collectible FilmCardz
Artbox - 2000

Note:  Also marketed as a full factory set with film viewer.  A planned album
was canceled by the manufacturer, but was offered as contest prizes.  Thanks
much to Dan Abend (Times of Legend and Lore) for the updates!

Hobby Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.50 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 24 packs of 2 cards.
Common sets: approximately 1.00 per box.

No.    Title

  1    Hair no. 3
  2    Downhill Donuts
  3    Working Drone
  4    Game Day
  5    Fast Lane
  6    Top of the World
  7    Grrrr...
  8    Krusty
  9    Itchy & Scratchy
 10    Sideshow Bob
 11    Sideshow Mel
 12    Zero Gravity
 13    Toxic Bart
 14    Dare Devil Bart
 15    Bart
 16    No Skateboarding
 17    Thugs
 18    Mouth Guard
 19    Lisa's World
 20    Jazzs is Cool.
 21    Love Now
 22    Smart Words
 23    Girl Power
 24    Groundskeeper Willie
 25    Milhouse
 26    Apu
 27    Otto
 28    Mr. Burns
 29    Ned Flanders
 30    Dr. Hibbert
 31    Chief Wiggum
 32    Barney
 33    Carl & Lenny
 34    Bart & Moe
 35    Body by Duff
 36    Cold Fish
 37    Homer & Maggie
 38    Lisa & Maggie
 39    Are we there yet?
 40    Pi vs. Pie
 41    Tumble Dry
 42    Kiss the Chef
 43    8 Hours
 44    Nuclear Family Pets
 45    I Can Dress Myself


Foil Cels

S-1    Extreme Conditions
S-2    Moon Doggie
S-3    Mmm... Donut
S-4    Surf Maggie
S-5    Surf and Destroy
S-6    Forbidden Fruit
S-7    Krusty's Surf Camp
S-8    Rip Tide
S-9    Island Splash
S-10   Everything's Swell

Contest Winner Cards

1st Place   Red-Foil Krusty (Sericel, complete card set, album, and viewer;
            1:240,000 packs, one produced)
2nd Place   Blue-Foil Krusty: (Complete card set, album, and viewer;
            1:20,000 packs, 20 produced)
3rd Place   Green-Foil Krusty (Choice of album or film viewer;
            1:480 packs, 500 produced)

Krusty Film Viewer (Sold separately)

Uncut Sheets (Sold separately)

     --    (9-card panels of base cards)


     P1    (Homer & family; number not shown on card; video stores)
     P2    (Golfing Homer; number not shown on card; U.K. distribution)
     P3    (Simpsons in family car; number not shown on card; dealers)

©2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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