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Simpsons Mania!
   Inkworks - 2001

Notes: Further information and scans are  posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.41 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.   Title

     1   Simpsons Mania!  [Title Card]

      Character Cards

     2   Comic Book Guy
     3   Professor Frink
     4   Fat Tony
     5   Number One
     6   Gil
     7   Birch Barlow
     8   Disco Stu
     9   Dolph
    10   Wendell
    11   Uter
    12   Baby Gerald
    13   Helen Lovejoy
    14   Maude Flanders
    15   Lucius Sweet
    16   Drederick Tatum
    17   Cletus Del Roy
    18   Brandine Del Roy
    19   Luann vanHouten
    20   Kirk vanHouten
    21   Ucolin & Cesar
    22   Ernst & Gunter
    23   Jacques
    24   Chef Luigi
    25   Akira
    26   Sideshow Raheem
    27   Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabbadoo
    28   McBabe
    29   Inanimate Carbon Rod
    30   Stuart The Duck
    31   Mr. Pinchy
    32   Homer '74
    33   Marge '74
    34   Principal Dondelinger '74
    35   Barney '74
    36   Artie Ziff '74

      Treehouse Cards

    37   Flaming Willie
    38   Homer in the Box
    39   Witch Marge
    40   Dracula Burns
    41   The "Simpsters"
    42   Alien Maggie
    43   Brew 'n' Stew
    44   Donut Homer
    45   Werewolf Ned

      Packy Wack Cards

    46   Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test
    47   Krusty O's
    48   Krusty Kologne
    49   Krusty Kough Syrup
    50   Jackie O's
    51   Cheezus H. Rice
    52   Uncle Jim's Country Fillin'
    53   Much Ado About Stuffing
    54   Sulfuric Acid
    55   Duff Beer
    56   Buzz Cola
    57   Southern Cracker
    58   Strawberrito
    59   Lard Lad Donut Clumps
    60   Powersauce
    61   Soy Pop
    62   Squishee
    63   Heat Lamp Dogs

      Bart Gallery Cards

    64   Robbie Conal (Guerilla Artist)
    65   Chris Yambar
    66   Peter Kuper
    67   Sergio Aragones
    68   Dan Brereton
    69   Bill Morrison
    70   Craig Bartlett
    71   Tony Bennett

    72   Simpsons Mania! [Checklist]


SimpsaDelic Blacklight Cards (1:11 packs)

    S1   The Larry Davis Experience
    S2   Bleeding Gums Murphy
    S3   Keep On Suckin'...
    S4   Let Your Spirit Soar
    S5   Springfield High Prom
    S6   The Be Sharps
    S7   Marge
    S8   Scratch the Cat
    S9   Krusty the Clown

Dr. Marvin Monroe's Split Personality Fold 'Em/Cards (1:17 packs)


Sketch Cards (1:144 packs)

   SK1   Swinton O. Scott, III (237 drawn)
   SK2   Mark Kirkland (244 drawn)
   SK3   Phil Ortiz (240 drawn)
   SK4   Julius Priete (230 drawn)
   SK5   Wes Archer (233 drawn)
   SK6   Rich Moore (224 drawn)
   SK7   Mike B. Anderson (246 drawn)
   SK8   Jim Reardon (249 drawn)
   SK9   David Silverman (253 drawn)

Autograph Cards (1:72 packs)

    A1   Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson)
    A2   Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson)
    A3   Hank Azaria (Moe, Apu, Police Chief Wiggum)
    A4   Russi Taylor (Uter, Martin Prince, Sheri, Terri)
    A5   Pamela Hayden (Milhouse, Jimbo, Jones, Jenny Powell)
    A6   Tress MacNeille (Mrs. Agnes Skinner, Dolph, Brandine)
    A7   Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson)

Box Loader Card

   BL1   The Silver Box Card

Case Loader Card

   CL1   The Golden Case Card

Card Album (sold separately)

    --   (Binder)


    P1   King-Size Homer
    P2   Gee, Your Hair Smells Krusty Shampoo
    Pi   King Kang (Inkworks website exclusive)
SD-2001  All-New Original Art! (San Diego Con 2001)
    --   Coming December 2001! (Cards, Inc.)
    --   Coming December 2001! (Dealer sell sheet, double-sided)

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