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In Pursuit of Justice: The Simpson Case
Interlink News Service - 1994

Notes:  Originally distributed as a boxed 50-card set. Thanks much to Steve
Lillard for the promo updates!

No.   Title

  1    Gil Garcetti
  2    Gate Signs
  3    CNN Reports
  4    Alan Dershowitz
  5    Reported events on June 12, 1994
  6    Naked Gun
  7    O.J.'s Parents
  8    Brentwood Mansion
  9    Hearse Procession
 10    Goldman Family
 11    O.J. Letter
 12    O.J. with Cossell
 13    O.J. at NBC
 14    O.J. Signing Football
 15    O.J. Surrenders
 16    OJ with Nicole in a Club
 17    O.J. with Shapiro
 18    O.J. in Golf Cart
 19    Firepower
 20    O.J. in Bills Uniform
 21    O.J. and Paula
 22    Police Car at Crime Scene
 23    Judge Ronald Schoenberg
 24    White Limo
 25    Initial Questioning
 26    Paula Barbieri
 27    O.J. with Bob Hope
 28    O.J. and Marguerite
 29    Marcia Clark
 30    O.J. with Bozworth
 31    Al Cowlings Bronco
 32    O'Hare Plaza Hotel
 33    O.J. and A.C.
 34    Black Limo
 35    O.J. and Bob Hope
 36    O.J. with the Bills
 37    Robert Shapiro
 38    Olympic Torch
 39    O.J. at Christmas
 40    CNN/KTLA Aerial Photo
 41    The Courtroom
 42    Ronald Lyle Goldman
 43    Walkway
 44    Better Days
 45    The District Attorney
 46    Naked Gun 33 1/3
 47    Nicole
 48    First and Ten
 49    Commander David Gascon
 50    O.J. and Friends


 P1   (In Bills Uniform)
 P2   O.J. & Nicole
 P3   The Chase
 P4   Ron Goldman
 P5   Mug Shot
 P6   Al Cowlings / Driver
 P7   In Court
 P8   Newspaper Stories
 P9   Nicole's Drivers License
 P10  (In USC Uniform)

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