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The Simpsons FilmCardz 2003 (Series 2)
Artbox - 2003

Notes:  Thanks much to John Oder and to Stan Rushinski for updates!

Box: 24 packs of 5 filmcardz.
Common sets (45): approx. 2.58 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

Homey Style

  1   Hmmm... What's an 'eltdown?
  2   Mmmmm, Television
  3   Practice Swing
  4   Mr. Plow To the Rescue
  5   Average-naut Homer Simpson
  6   Stupid Itchy Church Pants!
  7   Mmmmm, Donuts!
  8   Bart Gets an Allowance
  9   Laundry Day

Springfield Stars

 10   Krusty Clowns It Up At Krystylu Studies
 11   Handsome Pete
 12   Sideshow Bob
 13   Itchy and Scratchy
 14   Poochie
 15   Bleeding Gums Murphy
 16   Kent Brockman On the Scene
 17   Bumblebee Man
 18   Radioactive Man To the Rescue

Springfield Citizens

 19   C. Montgomery Burns
 20   Reverend Lovejoy
 21   Captain McCallister
 22   Mayor Quimby
 23   Snake
 24   Hans Moleman
 25   Springfield Thugs
 26   Groundskeeper Willie
 27   Principal Skinner

Master of the Grill

 28   Marge's Secret Spices
 29   Oooooo! Flamey!
 30   Mmmmm, Links!
 31   Kiss the Chef
 32   Grill Master
 33   Meat On a SAtick
 34   The Bishop of Barbeque
 35   Open Wide
 36   Daydreaming of Delectable Meats

Nuclear Family

 37   The Simpson Family
 38   Patty and Selma
 39   Marge and Maggie
 40   A Man's Pool Is His Castle
 41   We're Simple People with Simple Values
 42   Abraham Simpson
 43   Quality Time
 44   And They Say Radiation Makes You Sterile
 45   Why You Little ...!!!


"Follow Suit" Rare Foil FilmCardz

KS    Mr. King to You!
QS    Queen of Lickspittle
JS    Faithful Friend and Knave
KH    King of Kwik-E Mart
QH    Queen of Apu's Heart
JH    Jack of Heartless

"Follow Suit" Ultra-Rare Foil FilmCardz

UR1   "What's a Control Rod?" (King Homer)
UR2   Queen Mother
UR3   Mischief Maker

Card Album

 --   (binder)

FilmCardz Viewer (sold separately)

 --   (filmcardz viewer)

Collector's Tin Set

 --   (factory  tin)
 --   (base 45-card set)
 --   (filmcardz viewer)
Pm1   Ruler of Springfield Elementary
Pm2   Iron Matron
Pm3   Jack of All Trades


 P1   Real Saturdays
 P2   Everybody's Favorite Couch

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©2003, 2004, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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