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The Simpsons  (Series 1)
SkyBox - 1993

Notes:  The Radioactive Man subset is usually (but not always) included with the 
basic set, while the tattoos are usually not so included.  Many thanks to Tony 
Dodds for the original checklist and to Jerry Wood, John Oder, and David 
Wainwright for updates!

No.   Title

Characters Subset

S1    Homer Simpson
S2    Marge Simpson
S3    Bart Simpson
S4    Lisa Simpson
S5    Maggie Simpson
S6    Chief Wiggum
S7    Kent Brockman
S8    Lenny
S9    Sideshow Bob
S10   Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
S11   Tattoo Annie
S12   Mrs. Krabappel
S13   Mr. Largo
S14   Janey Powell
S15   Nelson Muntz
S16   Jimbo Jones
S17   Bumblebee Man
S18   Milhouse Van Houten
S19   Sideshow Mel
S20   Krusty the Clown
S21   Lurleen Lumpkin
S22   Groundskeeper Willie
S23   Rabbi Krusofski
S24   Princess Kashmir
S25   Jasper
S26   Patty and Selma
S27   Grandpa Simpson
S28   Smilin' Joe Fission
S29   Capital City Goofball
S30   Snowball II
S31   Bill & Marty
S32   Capt. Lance Murdock
S33   Captain McCallister
S34   Blinky the 3-Eyed Fish
S35   Ms. Botz
S36   Troy McClure
S37   Dr. Nick Riviera
S38   Barney Gumble
S39   McBain
S40   Character Checklist

Itchy & Scratchy Subset

I1    Bone Appetit
I2    Strike Three, You're Dead
I3    Pleased to Beat You
I4    Gentlemen Prefer Bombs
I5    Itchy & Scratchy On Ice
I6    Crocodile Doomdee
I7    A Farewell to Arms And Legs
I8    Tee-House of the August Kaboom
I9    Desperatly Shrieking Scratchy
I10   Bongo Comics #1 Cover
I11   Third Down, Dead to Go
I12   Gun with the Wind
I13   Little Dead Corvette
I14   Between-Meal Smacks
I15   Buzz Cola poster
I16   It's a Wonderful Knife
I17   Dead and Butter
I18   On the Road Again
I19   Some Like It Very, Very Hot
I20   The Dead Scratchy Society
I21   I'd Like to Propose a Toasting
I22   Flesh as a Daisy
I23   Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Grave
I24   Itchy Blandings Builds His Scream House
I25   Porch Pals
I26   Candlelight and Whine
I27   It Ain't the Heat.  It's the Fatality
I28   Up, Up, and Oy Vay
I29   Itchy & Scratchy & Roger Meyers
I30   This Here Checklist

Radioactive Man Subset

R1    Fallout Boy
R2    Dr. Crab
R3    Radioactive Man
R4    Lave Man
R5    Radioactive Boy and Glowy
R6    2 Loves of Radioactive Ape
R7    By My Sidekick Betrayed
R8    UnSecret Identity
R9    Public Enemy #1
R10   To Betroth A Foe



  1   Born to Chop
  2   (Burns Lizard)
  3   Radioactive and Proud Of It (Flamethrower Itchy)
  4   Eat Gravel, Man! (Bart Fink)
  5   Mermaid Edna
  6   Don't Mess with El Barto (Skull)
  7   Devil & Cat
  8   Radioactive Man
  9   Scratchy in Flames
 10   Love/Hate

Wiggle Cards (1:4 packs)

 W1   Maggie
 W2   Itchy & Scratchy Anvil
 W3   Containment Dome
 W4   Itchy & Scratchy Chase
 W5   Barney Belch
 W6   Itchy & Scratchy Fan
 W7   R-Man & Dr. Crab
 W8   Homer Strangles Bart
 W9   Bartman

Cel Cards (1:18 packs)

 C1   Base / Barber
 C2   Middle / Barber
 C3   Top / Barber
 C4   Base / TV
 C5   Middle / TV
 C6   Top / TV

Glow-in-the-Dark Cards (1:36 packs)

 G1   Eyeballs
 G2   Shock!
 G3   Smilin' Joe
 G4   TV

Art DeBart Card (400 produced)

 --   Art DeBart Card (Bart)
 --   Art DeBart Card (Homer; less common than Bart)
 --   (Redemption Card)

Collector's Tin (mail-away offer)

 --   The Simpsons


 18   Otto the Busdriver (not marked as promo, but different from #18 in basic set;
        distributed in cello pack with promos from four other sets)
 B1   (Homer on couch)
 C1   (Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie on couch; cel overlay that completes picture when used
        with B1)
 P3   Itchy & Scratchy in Bone Appetit (Radioactive Man and Bartman)
 --   (4-card panel, 8" x 10" with black border, perforated; contains following cards;
        Advance, Previews)
         P1   Otto
         P2   Radioactive Man
         P3   Itchy & Scratchy
         P4   Homer Simpson
 --   (4-card panel, 8" x 10" with black border, unperforated; contains following cards;
         Advance, Previews)
 --   (4-card panel, 8" x 10" with pink border; "Limited Edition")
         P1   Otto
         P2   Radioactive Man
         P3   Itchy & Scratchy
         P4   Homer Simpson
 --   Collect 'Em Or Else! (Oversized, 4" x 5-1/2", showing 9 characters; Styx dealer promo)

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