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The Simpsons - Series 2
SkyBox - 1994

Note:  Thanks much to Chris Johnstone and David Wainwright for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.36 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title


S1    Seymour Skinner
S2    Otto
S3    Lou & Eddie
S4    Human Fly
S5    Ned Flanders
S6    Laura Powers
S7    Montgomery Burns
S8    Waylon Smithers
S9    Marvin Monroe
S10   Bleeding Gums Murphy
S11   Dr. Hibbert
S12   Sherri & Terri
S13   Reverend Lovejoy
S14   Tattoo Guy
S15   Todd Flanders
S16   Santa's Little Helper
S17   The Devil
S18   Baby Bart
S19   Herman
S20   Hans Moleman
S21   Emily Winthrop
S22   Mr. Teeny
S23   Martin Prince
S24   Moe
S25   Mayor Quimby
S26   Leon Kompowski
S27   Snake
S28   Mrs. Bouvier
S29   Herb Powell
S30   Benjamin, Doug, & Gary
S31   Lionel Hutz
S32   Kearney
S33   Mindy Simmons
S34   Pepi
S35   Lunchlady Doris
S36   Ralph Wiggum
S37   Llewellyn Sinclair
S38   Kodos
S39   Jebediah Springfield
S40   The Simpsons Character Checklist

Itchy & Scratchy

I1    Mow, Mow, Mow Your Throat
I2    Pop Goes the Scratchy
I3    This Spurting Life
I4    Stare at the spirals ...
I5    Down the Hatchet
I6    My Scratchy Dies Over the Ocean
I7    The Only Way To Fry
I8    Opti-Kill Illusions
I9    Aorta Be in Pictures
I10   Take Me Out to the Maul Game
I11   The Cat Who Slew Too Much
I12   Can you read Itchy's mind?
I13   The Blast Picture Show
I14   A Tomb with a Mew
I15   O Solo Meow
I16   In Scare-E-O
I17   That Was Then, This Is Pow!
I18   Field of Screams
I19   All the Cat's Horses ...
I20   Itchy & Scratchy Card Checklisty


B1    Houseboy
B2    The Revenge of Lisa the Conjuror
B3    Maggeena
B4    The Origin of Bart Dog!
B5    The Angry Scotsman
B6    Bart Simpson, Archenemy of Evil!
B7    The Penalizer
B8    Untold Tales of the Bart-Signal!
B9    Half-Nelson
B10   Checklist Card

Radioactive Man

R1    Brain-O
R2    Bug Boy
R3    Plasmo
R4    Larceny Lass
R5    Black Partridge
R6    Bleeding Heart
R7    Hypno Head
R8    Captain Squid
R9    Weasel Woman
R10   The Containment Dome

Genuine, State-of-the-Art Bartscreen (Decoder Card)

 --   (plain back; detachable panel for reading messages on B1-B10)


Smell-O-Rama Cards (1:3 packs)

 1    Marge's Guide to Glamour
 2    Springfield's Top Tourist Attractions
 3    Homer Simpson's Rules to Live By
 4    Snowball II's Bottom 13
 5    Maggie Simpson's Bottom 14
 6    Moe's 10 Most Hated Prank Phone Calls
 7    Patty & Selma's Surefire Guide to Trapping Yourself a Man
 8    Apu's Bottom 10
 9    Barney's Brain Twizzlers
10    Lunchlady Doris

Wiggle Cards (1:6 packs)

W1    Homer Donut
W2    Bartman (muscle)
W3    Itchy & Scratchy (knives)
W4    Hey, Kids!!! (Krusty)
W5    (Larva Kiss)
W6    (Chainsaw Scratchy)
W7    (Princess Kashmir)
W8    Itchy & Scratchy (Strike)
W9    Hypno Head

Disappearing Ink Cards (1:36 packs)

D1    Principal Skinner: "Rub my hair, if you dare!"
D2    Itchy to Scratchy: "You'll get a bang out of this!"
D3    Bartman (Rub the scary shadow)
D4    Bart Simpson (Rub the algebra book)

Arty Art Cards (1:180 packs)

A1    (Fleener)
A2    (Kieth)
A3    (Panter)
A4    (Valentino)

Uncut Sheets (sold separately)

 --   (80-card panel of base cards)
 --   (4-card panel of Disappearing Ink cards)
 --   (4-card panel of Arty Art cards)

Collector's Tin (mail-away offer)

 --   The Simpsons


P2    Itchy & Scratchy in Stare-E-O
P3    Grampa Simpson's Bottom 15
P4    Willy "The Dupe" Dupkin (Diamond Distribution)
B1    Willy "The Dupe" Dupkin (Bongo Comics; different card back)
B2    Radioactive Man (Bongo Comics)
B3    (Bongo Comics)
B4    (Bongo Comics)
B5    Bartman/Radioactive Man (spinner card; Bongo Comics)
B6    (Bongo Comics)
--    Upcoming Series II / How To Use Spinner Card

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