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Sour Juice: OJ Simpson Chapter 1
   Mother Productions - 1994

Notes:The unnumbered cards were released as a boxed set, numbered to 5000.

    Title                                 Subtitle

    Limited 5,000 Edition                 (cover card)

    Nicole Brown Simpson
    Ron Goldman                           The forgotten victim
    Wanted for Murder                     Official OJ Simpson Mug Shot (mail-in offer)
    ? Parody !                            Did OJ do it or not. The trial will decide.
    The Twelve Days Of The OJ Trial
    The famous OJ Simpson comic book      (mail-in offer)
    Dateline 1994: The OJ Simpson Trial   (t-shirt)
    O. J. Simpson
    875 South Bundy Dr.                   [sidewalk]
    875 South Bundy Dr.                   [gate]
    OJ's New Ride
    Johnnie Cochran, Jr.
    The last supper
    Marcia Clark
    The People vs. Simpson
    Media Explosion
    OJ Simpson Estate
    OJ T-shirts
    Artwork                               Do Innocent People Fear DNA Testing?
    Artwork                               "Absolutely 100% Not Guilty"
    Robert Shapiro
    News Media Circus
    To Protect And To Serve`
    Media Circus
    It Takes All Kinds
    Orenthal James Simpson OJ             Has The Juice Turned Sour?
    The Famous Bronco Chase
    Simpson Criminal Courts Tour          All Access

    Mother Productions Premium Line       (order form)
    To reorder from                       (order form)

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