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The Simpsons: The Springfield Sticker Collection
Panini - 1999

Note:  I offer mild apologies for sticker sets that don't have titles when I can't give
a full description of the scenes. At least this can be used as a checklist ...   This
set features oversized stickers (2-5/8" x 3-7/8"), with 132 "regular" stickers and
18 foils. Sticker backs for my version used black ink with text in six languages.

No.   Text                                     Subset

  1                                            Bartholomew J. Simpson
  2                                            Bartholomew J. Simpson
  3   No Problem                               Bartholomew J. Simpson
  4   100% Bart                                Bartholomew J. Simpson
  5                                            Bartholomew J. Simpson
  6   Trust me, I'd never lie to you           Bartholomew J. Simpson
  7                                            Bartholomew J. Simpson
  8                                            Ask me about Bart
  9   Squi                                     Ask me about Bart
 10   Yeah... nothing Rhymes with Bart         Ask me about Bart
 11   Squis                                    Ask me about Bart
 12                                            Ask me about Bart
 13                                            Ask me about Bart
 14                                            Ask me about Bart
 15                                            Ask me about Bart
 16                                            Ask me about Bart
 17   Brain Freeze                             Ask me about Bart
 18   "Cool on Ice" (Foil Sticker)             Lisa Simpson
 19   Smart Girls (Foil Sticker)               Lisa Simpson
 20   Smart Girls (Foil Sticker)               Lisa Simpson
 21   Jazz Is Cool (Foil Sticker)              Lisa Simpson
 22   (Foil Sticker)                           Lisa Simpson
 23   (Foil Sticker)                           Lisa Simpson
 24   (Foil Sticker)                           Lisa Simpson
 25   Malibu Stacy Fan Club (Foil Sticker)     Lisa Simpson
 26   We're #1                                 Where's Maggie?
 27                                            Where's Maggie?
 28                                            Where's Maggie?
 29                                            Where's Maggie?
 30                                            Where's Maggie?
 31   Maggie                                   Where's Maggie?
 32                                            Where's Maggie?
 33                                            Where's Maggie?
 34   Salty Snax                               Homer J. Simpson
 35   Good Food, Good Drink...                 Homer J. Simpson
 36   Duff Couch Coach (Foil Sticker)          Homer J. Simpson
 37   Simply Irresistable                      Homer J. Simpson
 38   I have a family and a full time job ...  Homer J. Simpson
 39                                            Homer J. Simpson
 40   Slam Dunk                                Homer J. Simpson
 41   Mmmmm, Donuts!                           Homer J. Simpson
 42   8 p.m.                                   Sunday Morning Quarterback
 43   9 p.m.                                   Sunday Morning Quarterback
 44   10 p.m.                                  Sunday Morning Quarterback
 45   11 p.m.                                  Sunday Morning Quarterback
 46   Seventh Inning Stretch                   Sunday Morning Quarterback
 47   No More Duff!                            Fit for the Unfit
 48   Like father                              Fit for the Unfit
 49   Like son                                 Fit for the Unfit
 50                                            Moe's Tavern
 51                                            Moe's Tavern
 52                                            Moe's Tavern
 53                                            Moe's Tavern
 54                                            Abraham "Grampa" Simpson
 55                                            Abraham "Grampa" Simpson
 56                                            Abraham "Grampa" Simpson
 57                                            Abraham "Grampa" Simpson
 58                                            I Didn't Do It!
 59   The "I Didn't Do It" Boy                 I Didn't Do It!
 60   El Barto Was Here                        I Didn't Do It!
 61   I Will Finish What I Start.              I Didn't Do It!
 62   I Will Finish What I Start.              I Didn't Do It!
 63                                            I Didn't Do It!
 64   Springfield Hall Patrol                  Educating Bart
 65   How to Make Your Teacher's Head Explode  Educating Bart
 66   (You write the dialog)                   Educating Bart
 67   (You write the dialog)                   Educating Bart
 68   (You write the dialog)                   Educating Bart
 69                                            Educating Bart
 70   Homework Excuses                         Educating Bart
 71   (You write the dialog)                   Educating Bart
 72   Parental Advisory - Explicit Content     Censored
 73                                            Skate or Die!
 74                                            Skate or Die!
 75   Skateboarding Is Not a Crime, Man.       Skate or Die!
 76                                            Skate or Die!
 77   Smell the Gravel                         Skate or Die!
 78   Springfield Skate Club                   Skate or Die!
 79   Switch Ollie to Homer (left)             Skate or Die!
 80   Switch Ollie to Homer (right)            Skate or Die!
 81   The Crumble                              No Stranger to Danger
 82   Gravity Is My Co-Pilot                   No Stranger to Danger
 83   SK8 or Die                               No Stranger to Danger
 84   SK8 (left)                               No Stranger to Danger
 85   SK8 (right)                              No Stranger to Danger
 86   Bart Would                               No Stranger to Danger
 87   Toxic Skateboards                        No Stranger to Danger
 88   Toxic                                    No Stranger to Danger
 89                                            No Stranger to Danger
 90                                            Bart Would
 91                                            Bart Would
 92   No Stranger to Danger                    Bart Would
 93                                            Bart Would
 94   Toxic SK8Wear                            Bart Would
 95   Toxic Skateboards                        Bart Would
 96                                            Bart Would
 97   Bart SK8                                 Bart Would
 98                                            Turn It or Burn It
 99   one, two, chomp-chomp                    Turn It or Burn It
100                                            Turn It or Burn It
101                                            Turn It or Burn It
102   Mmm... beefy.                            Turn It or Burn It
103   Mmm... pork.                             Turn It or Burn It
104   And lots of ex-greens!                   Turn It or Burn It
105   Homey Isle Style (Foil Sticker)          Relax!
106                                            Relax!
107                                            Relax!
108                                            Relax!
109                                            Relax!
110                                            Relax!
111                                            Relax!
112                                            Relax!
113                                            Beach Bart
114                                            Beach Bart
115                                            Beach Bart
116   Hellfish                                 Beach Bart
117                                            Beach Bart
118                                            Beach Bart
119                                            Beach Bart
120   Good Bad                                 Beach Bart
121                                            Beach Bart
122                                            Beach Bart
123   (Foil Sticker)                           Wahine-a-go-go
124   (Foil Sticker)                           Wahine-a-go-go
125   (left)                                   Wahine-a-go-go
126   (right)                                  Wahine-a-go-go
127   (Foil Sticker)                           Wahine-a-go-go
128   (Foil Sticker)                           Wahine-a-go-go
129   Hula Lesson (Foil Sticker)               Wahine-a-go-go
130   (Foil Sticker)                           Wahine-a-go-go
131                                            Killer Wave
132                                            Killer Wave
133   Krusty Ear Wax                           Killer Wave
134                                            Killer Wave
135   Toxic Tuna                               Killer Wave
136   Toxic Tuna                               Killer Wave
137   Krusty's Surf Camp                       Killer Wave
138   Inactive Wear                            100% Patch
139   Duffer's Golf                            100% Patch
140   Bart SKB-D-LUX (Foil Sticker)            100% Patch
141   Springfield Skate Club                   100% Patch
142   Bartwear                                 100% Patch
143   Homer                                    100% Patch
144   Smart Girls (Foil Sticker)               100% Patch
145   100% Bart                                100% Patch
146   Toxic SK8wear                            100% Patch
147                                            Couch Gags
148                                            Couch Gags
149                                            Couch Gags
150                                            Couch Gags

--    Sticker Album

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©2001, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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