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Frank Miller's Sin City
Comic Images - 1999

Note:  Thanks to Wayne Sot for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.47 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text

  1   Hi. I'm Shellie's new boyfriend. And I'm out of
  2   Every knight needs his steed.
  3   Damn it, Dwight. Damn it. You fool. You damn fo
  4   He's the worst kind of drunk. And he'll never g
  5   Silent laughter ripples through her voice, just
  6   The ladies are the law, here. It's suicide to c
  7   She'll cut you quick. She'll kill you quiet. Yo
  8   Things get ugly.
  9   My warrior woman. My Valkyrie.
 10   A few minutes more work, and it'll all be over.
 11   Have no hope. Your cause is lost.
 12   Rented terrorists. The bad times haven't even s
 13   It's only been three hours - and a lifetime's w
 14   Sometimes standing up for your friends means ki
 15   The man loves his work.
 16   The girls are having a rough night.
 17   This isn't the kind of thing you just ignore, g
 18   We gotta kill every last rat-bastard one of the
 19   The angel, the goddess, Goldie
 20   No reason to play it quiet. No reason to play i
 21   It's going to be blood for blood and by the gal
 22   It's the old days. The bad days. The all-or-not
 23   Boy, that Nancy sure is something.
 24   Mom always says you can do anything if you set
 25   You shouldn't oughtta poke your nose into peopl
 26   I like the rain. It helps me think.
 27   Kill him for me, Marv. Kill him good.
 28   All I ever been good at is killing. So I might
 29   Every inch of me aches for her. It's all wrong.
 30   Skinny little Nancy Callahan. She tells me she
 31   Lucille shows me there's a lot of muscle under
 32   This is it, Goldie. Win or lose, it's all over
 33   In this town, there's hell to pay for playing i
 34   No. Not my heart. Not now.
 35   Lie to me, Angel.
 36   Dwight's guardian angel.
 37   A master assassin who's a few inches short of f
 38   Deadly little Miho.
 39   It's a great, big, wide world out there, gentle
 40   The Cadillac handles like a dream. I knew it wo
 41   She's late, like she always was. And like alway
 42   I come and go. Nothing makes any sense. Ava scr
 43   You're the bum who hurt my pal!
 44   I thought there was a better world, out there.
 45   I didn't know it then, but the fiend could see
 46   The night wind whispers through the hills.
 47   It all gets down to speed and luck.
 48   A falling leaf would make more noise.
 49   It can't be Goldie, Goldie's dead and that's th
 50   This guy's gonna be one tough kill.
 51   Sure, it hurts. But it's a good hurt.
 52   Getting yourself through a deadbolt-locked stee
 53   Now that there is one damn fine coat you're wea
 54   The lady was expecting a tip.
 55   Everywhere I go - there he is! Following me! St
 56   No use fooling myself! I can see what he wants!
 57   Only in a neighborhood like this would a woman
 58   One false move and it's adios, amigo.
 59   I don't sleep much, on account of that dream I
 60   You were worth it, Goldie.
 61   I wish I could remember what started all this.
 62   I always seem to wind up catching a bullet or t
 63   You punch a guy just right and his head will ju
 64   I hope you don't mind my saying it, but you're
 65   You gotta behave when you're talking with ladie
 66   The slasher was bragging about what he had betw
 67   Murderer, never forget - you've got innocent bl
 68   And he's the nice guy of the bunch.
 69   Just how dumb are you feeling, punk?
 70   She smells like angels ought to smell.
 71   It's gotta be Marv. Never sleeps, and he's alwa
 72   Sin City dames. Ain't nothing like them nowhere


LustreChrome Cards (1:18 packs)

 L1   Sometimes you gotta make due with the tools at
 L2   She'll be the most amazing lover you'll ever ha
 L3   Some guys just never learn.
 L4   Say your prayers.
 L5   There's nothing like a good smoke after a hard
 L6   You've just murdered an innocent man, Darling.

Card Album

--    (Binder)
--    (Nine 9-pocket pages)
--    (6-up uncut sheet)


--    DOA (Morgue Tag, 4-3/4" x 2-3/8"; conventions)

©2001, 2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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