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Sirius Gallery
Comic Images - 1998

Box: 48 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.29 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                              Artist

    1    Dawn                               Joseph Michael Linsner
    2    Angelique                          Joseph Michael Linsner
    3    Captain Freebird                   Joseph Michael Linsner
    4    California Dreamin'                Joseph Michael Linsner
    5    "Think About the Future..."        Joseph Michael Linsner
    6    Animal Mystic                      Dark One
    7    Safety-Belt Man                    Dark One
    8    Queen Jatarri                      Dark One
    9    Klor                               Dark One
   10    Cosmic Queen                       Dark One
   11    The Dark Servant                   Dark One
   12    The Messiah                        Dark One
   13    Emerald Armor                      Dark One
   14    Faith                              Kevin J. Taylor
   15    Testament #1                       Kevin J. Taylor
   16    The Mountain                       Kevin J. Taylor
   17    Baptism                            Kevin J. Taylor
   18    Black Steel                        Kevin J. Taylor
   19    Poison Elves                       Drew Hayes
   20    "No More Wire Hangers!"            Drew Hayes
   21    "You Have Two Choices..."          Drew Hayes
   22    Akiko                              Mark Crilley
   23    "The Brawn..."                     Mark Crilley
   24    "And the Brains."                  Mark Crilley
   25    "I'm Huge!"                        Mark Crilley
   26    Halo                               Chris Knowles
   27    Requiem for an Elf                 Janine Johnston
   28    Traumatic Dogs                     Janine Johnston
   29    Desert of the Third Sin            Janine Johnston
   30    Wandering Star                     Teri Sue Wood
   31    "The Way of the Universe"          Teri Sue Wood
   32    Darklight                          Teri Sue Wood
   33    Demongate                          Bao Lin Hum
   34    Warlock 5                          Barry Blair
   35    Dolls                              Saverio Tenuta
   36    Morrigan                           Saverio Tenuta
   37    Berzerker                          Saverio Tenuta
   38    Tombstone Girls                    Saverio Tenuta
   39    All Hell                           The Fillback Bros.
   40    Blaze of Glory                     The Fillback Bros.
   41    Cadillacs & Frogs                  The Fillback Bros.
   42    I'll Make You Famous               The Fillback Bros.
   43    So Sings the Blue Angel            The Fillback Bros.
   44    Reality Check!                     Tavicat
   45    Cruising the Information Highway   Tavicat
   46    Games Kittens Play                 Tavicat
   47    Catreece                           Tavicat
   48    Puffy Cat Madness                  Tavicat
   49    In the Beginning                   Roel
   50    Kat                                Roel
   51    Target Locked                      Roel
   52    On the Prowl                       Roel
   53    Falconer                           Roel
   54    The 7th System                     Roel
   55    Enchanted                          Robert Chang
   56    They Walk Among Us                 Robert Chang
   57    Welcome to the Party               Jill Thompson
   58    Scary Godmother                    Jill Thompson
   59    Visiting Bugaboo                   Jill Thompson
   60    Jimmy's Revenge                    Jill Thompson
   61    Chi-Chian                          Voltaire
   62    Sora                               Voltaire
   63    Invasion                           Voltaire
   64    Poe                                Jason Asala
   65    "Once Upon a Midnight Dreary..."   Jason Asala
   66    "Look Into My Eyes..."             Steve Ellis
   67    Sheba                              Walter S. Crane IV
   68    Buraq                              Walter S. Crane IV
   69    Wildflower                         Billy Martinez
   70    Warrior Princess                   Billy Martinez
   71    Nympho Poc                         Dark One
   72    The Empty Zone                     Jason Alexander


Omnichrome Cards (1:18 packs)

Omni 1   Akiko #1                           Mark Crilley
Omni 2   Roel #1                            Roel
Omni 3   Poison Elves #1                    Drew Hayes
Omni 4   Drama                              Joseph Michael Linsner
Omni 5   Scary Godmother                    Jill Thompson
Omni 6   Animal Mystic #2                   Dark One

Autographed Cards (200 of each signed, 500 inserted)

   --    Joseph Michael Linsner
   --    Kevin J. Taylor
   --    The Dark One

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (Binder)
   --    (Exclusive Binder Card)
   --    (Promo Card)
   --    (Omnichrome Card #4)


   --    (Unnumbered, Dawn)
   --    (6-up panel)

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