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Six Feet Under - Seasons 1 & 2
Rittenhouse Archives - 2004

Notes:  Thanks to Mike Tilford for the promo update! Further information and scans 
are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets (81): approx. 2.26 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Card Text                                Episode

  1   Six Feet Under - Cast
  2   Season One Episodes
  3   Season Two Episodes
  4   LA, Christmas Eve. Nathaniel Fisher, owner of    Six Feet Under (Pilot)
  5   Nate has had a life-long phobia of death and s   Six Feet Under (Pilot)
  6   At Nathaniel's funeral, Nate encourages Ruth t   Six Feet Under (Pilot)
  7   A con artist cracks his head open while drivin   The Will
  8   The Fisher family attends the reading of Natha   The Will
  9   Nate struggles to understand his strange, new    The Will
 10   Janitor Tommy Romano gets sliced to bits while   The Foot
 11   Claire's excitement over new boyfriend Gabe qu   The Foot
 12   Nate almost faints when he has to handle Mr. R   The Foot
 13   When a Latino gang member is shot to death, Fi   Familia
 14   Arson investigators interrogate Nate and Brend   Familia
 15   The funeral home's air conditioning breaks dow   Familia
 16   Former adult video star Viveca St. John dies i   An Open Book
 17   Nate meets Brenda's eccentric parents, the Che   An Open Book
 18   After a revealing session with Claire's guidan   An Open Book
 19   An elderly man wakes up next to his wife's lif   The Room
 20   When Nate learns that his father exchanged fun   The Room
 21   David is stalked by an amorous Junior-Leaguer    The Room
 22   Private Victor Kovitch dies of lung cancer bro   Brotherhood
 23   Claire continues to show a lack of interest in   Brotherhood
 24   Nate doesn't know quite what to make of Brenda   Brotherhood
 25   A divorcee is killed when her face is smashed    Crossroads
 26   Claire goes on a metally and physically challe   Crossroads
 27   Ruth fantasizes about Hiram while working for    Crossroads
 28   Gabriel's six-year-old brother accidentally sh   Life's Too Short
 29   David goes clubbing with Kurt, the square-danc   Life's Too Short
 30   Hiram convinces ruth to go camping to commemor   Life's Too Short
 31   Nate and David lure Federico's replacement - a   The New Person
 32   Nate and Brenda attend Billy's photography exh   The New Person
 33   Ruth asks Nikolai to dinner, and they run into   The New Person
 34   A three-week old baby dies from SIDS. Nate and   The Trip
 35   Claire visits Gabe in a hospital in Barstow, w   The Trip
 36   In Vegas, David gets arrested for having sex w   The Trip
 37   After gay-bashers beat a young man to death on   A Private Life
 38   Brenda is furious at Billy for violating her p   A Private Life
 39   Gabe and Claire enjoy a new closeness as she c   A Private Life
 40   An errant golf ball hits an elderly woman in t   Knock, Knock
 41   While Claire and Gabe are at a party, Gabe sli   Knock, Knock
 42   Nate takes Brenda to see Billy at the mental h   Knock, Knock
 43   A young Hollywood starlet dies of a drug overd   In The Game
 44   Brenda is uninterested in sex and admits to be   In The Game
 45   David has a date with someone he meets through   In The Game
 46   A college athlete dies from heat stroke after    Out, Out Brief Candle
 47   Brenda hosts a dinner for her first love, Trev   Out, Out Brief Candle
 48   Ruth's co-worker, Robbie, introduces her to 'T   Out, Out Brief Candle
 49   A man dies in the hospital after a protracted    The Plan
 50   Claire covers for Gabe when detectives questio   The Plan
 51   At Robbie's urging, Ruth enrolls in an intense   The Plan
 52   An elderly man dies of natural causes while on   Driving Mr. Mossback
 53   Keith's sister is nowhere to be found. When hi   Driving Mr. Mossback
 54   Nate has an AVM-related seizure while he's in    Driving Mr. Mossback
 55   A lonely woman, Emily Previn, chokes to death    The Invisible Woman
 56   Brenda decides she wants to write a book, but    The Invisible Woman
 57   Tensions develop between Keith and Eddie over    The Invisible Woman
 58   A drunken man falls off the side of a boat and   In Place of Anger
 59   At the Fisher's family gathering, Ruth's siste   In Place of Anger
 60   Rico and Vanessa argue over money issues when    In Place of Anger
 61   A lawyer accidentally dies from auto-erotic as   Back to the Garden
 62   Tired of eating dinner alone, Ruth invites Rob   Back to the Garden
 63   Brenda is infuriated when she tells her mother   Back to the Garden
 64   A Hell's Angel named Jesse crashes his motorcy   It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
 65   Nikolai's legs are broken by Russian mobsters.   It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
 66   Keith and Taylor join David for his family's C   It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
 67   A man dies when he's hit in the head by a fall   Someone Else's Eyes
 68   As Nate and Brenda make wedding plans, they bo   Someone Else's Eyes
 69   Keith checks up on his niece, Taylor, and find   Someone Else's Eyes
 70   A Thai man dies of a heart attack, and Nate an   The Secret
 71   Claire takes photos of dead Fisher & Sons clie   The Secret
 72   Brenda tells a therapist about her recent sexu   The Secret
 73   A whiny woman dies at the nursing home where V   The Liar and the Whore
 74   Ruth pays off Nikolai's debt to the Russian ma   The Liar and the Whore
 75   Claire and Parker experiment with hallucinogen   The Liar and the Whore
 76   Federico's adopted grandmother dies of old age   I'll Take You
 77   Nate fills out a pre-need form for a sick man    I'll Take You
 78   Keith worries about looking too gay when a soc   I'll Take You
 79   A cancer victim dies in Nate's arms. Nate visi   The Last Time
 80   Fisher & Sons gets a failing grade from a visi   The Last Time
 81   Claire meets with a LAC-Arts admissions office   The Last Time


The Relationships (1:5 packs)

R1    Nate Fisher / Brenda Chenowith
R2    Nate Fisher / David Fisher
R3    Nate Fisher / Lisa Kimmel
R4    David Fisher / Keith Charles
R5    David Fisher / Ruth Fisher
R6    David Fisher / Mitzi-Dalton Huntley
R7    Claire Fisher / Ruth Fisher
R8    Claire Fisher / Billy Chenowith
R9    Claire Fisher / Gabriel Dimas
R10   Ruth Fisher / Nikolai
R11   Ruth Fisher / Nathaniel Fisher
R12   Ruth Fisher / Sarah O'Conner
R13   Brenda Chenowith / Billy Chenowith
R14   Brenda Chenowith / Margaret Chenowith
R15   Brenda Chenowith / Melissa
R16   Keith Charles / Taylor Charles
R17   Keith Charles / Karla Charles
R18   Keith Charles / Mr. Roderick Charles
R19   Federico Diaz / Nathaniel Fisher
R20   Federico Diaz / Vanessa Diaz
R21   Federico Diaz / Nate Fisher
R22   Billy Chenowith / Nate Fisher
R23   Billy Chenowith / Margaret Chenowith
R24   Billy Chenowith / Bernard Chenowith
R25   Nathaniel Fisher / Nate Fisher
R26   Nathaniel Fisher / David Fisher
R27   Nathaniel Fisher / Claire Fisher

The Opening Montage (1:14 packs)


The Players (1:14 packs)

PL1   Peter Krause as Nate Fisher
PL2   Michael C. Hall as David Fisher
PL3   Lauren Ambrose as Claire Fisher
PL4   Frances Conroy as Ruth Fisher
PL5   Rachel Griffiths as Brenda Chenowith
PL6   Freddy Rodriguez as Federico Diaz
PL7   Matthew St. Patrick as Keith Charles
PL8   Richard Jenkins as Nathaniel Fisher
PL9   Jeremy Sisto as Billy Chenowith

The Signatures Autographed Cards (1:13 packs)

 --   Alan Ball (case-topper; also listed below)
 --   Marina Black (album exclusive; also listed below)
 --   Joel Brooks as Robbie
 --   Joanna Cassidy as Margaret Chenowith (Limited)
 --   Illeana Douglas (dealer incentive; also listed below)
 --   Michael C. Hall as David Fisher (Limited)
 --   Eddie Jemison as Casket Salesman (Limited)
 --   Peter Krause as Nate Fisher (Limited)
 --   Tim Maculan as Father Jack
 --   Nicki Micheaux as Karla
 --   David Norona as Gary Deitman
 --   Ed O'Ross as Nikolai
 --   Aysia Polk as Taylor Charles
 --   Rusty Schwimmer as Marilyn Johnson
 --   Jessica Stone as Young Brenda
 --   Beverly Todd as Lucille Charles
 --   Julie White as Mitzi Dalton-Huntley (Limited)

Case Topper Autograph Card

 --   Alan Ball - Creator

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Card

 --   Illeana Douglas as Angela

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   Six Feet Under Seasons 1 & 2 Trading Cards (binder)
 --   (12 9-pocket pages)
 --   Marina Black as Parker McKenna/Claire's Friend (exclusive autograph)
 P3   Brotherhood (exclusive promo card; also listed below

Archive Boxes (master set of all cards distributed in packs)

 --   (marked on outside of box)
 --   (not marked on outside of box)

EXPANSION SET AUTOGRAPHS (released 2005; limited to 499)

 --   Jeremy Sisto as Billy Chenowith
 --   Lily Taylor as Lisa Kimmel Fisher


 P1   Summer 2004 (general distribution)
 P2   The Room (Non-Sport Update)
 P3   Brotherhood (album exclusive)
HBO1  (5 cast; inserted in specially labeled DVD packages)
 --   Six Feet Under (dealer sell sheet)

©2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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