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Six Flags Theme Parks -
Thrill Seekers Series
Six Flags - 1993

Note:  These cards feature vibrant-color celebration of the most 
popular roller coasters (and similar rides) at the company parks.

No.   Ride                                         Park

  1   Six Flags Over 18 Miles of Roller Coasters   Checklist
  2   Batman The Ride                              Six Flags Great Adventure
  3   Rolling Thunder                              Six Flags Great Adventure
  4   The Great American Scream Machine            Six Flags Great Adventure
  5   Runaway Mine Train                           Six Flags Great Adventure
  6   Batman The Ride                              Six Flags Magic Mountain
  7   Viper                                        Six Flags Magic Mountain
  8   Colossus                                     Six Flags Magic Mountain
  9   Revolution                                   Six Flags Magic Mountain
 10   Batman The Ride                              Six Flags Great America
 11   Demon                                        Six Flags Great America
 12   Iron Wolf                                    Six Flags Great America
 13   Shockwave                                    Six Flags Great America
 14   The American Eagle                           Six Flags Great America
 15   Ninja                                        Six Flags Over Georgia
 16   The Great American Scream Machine            Six Flags Over Georgia
 17   Georgia Cyclone                              Six Flags Over Georgia
 18   Mind Bender                                  Six Flags Over Georgia
 19   The Texas Giant                              Six Flags Over Texas
 20   Flashback!                                   Six Flags Over Texas
 21   Shock Wave                                   Six Flags Over Texas
 22   XLR-8                                        Six Flags Astroworld
 23   Ultra Twister                                Six Flags Astroworld
 24   Texas Cyclone                                Six Flags Astroworld
 25   Batman The Escape                            Six Flags Astroworld
 26   Screamin' Eagle                              Six Flags Over Mid-America
 27   Ninja                                        Six Flags Over Mid-America
 28   Mine Train                                   Six Flags Over Mid-America

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