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The Six-Million Dollar Man (Stickers)
   Donruss - 1975

Notes: Sticker-card fronts are color screen shots; borders are light blue with a 
small black (33 stickers) or red (33 stickers) border surrounding the image; sticker 
numbers; and a short description on the left or right, except #s 8, 27, 38, 58, 60, 
and 61, which are on top. Backs collectively form a 28" x 21" color puzzle of Col. 
Steve Austin at a control panel wearing an orange NASA flight suit, with an Austin 
facsimile autograph in white lettering and the Six Million Dollar Man logo in the 
lower left corner, spelled out in yellow letters with red outline. The puzzle picture 
has a red border surrounding the picture and a blue border just outside the red. 
Thanks much to Lee Money for the list!

No    Caption

  1   Steve lifts a timber as though it were a matchstick. 
  2   The Bionic Leg.
  3   Steve running at over 50 m.p.h.
  4   The Bionic Arm.
  5   Austin charging a jungle enemy.
  6   The Bionic Eye.
  7   Colonel Austin pulling heavy safe out of the floor.
  8   Steve hurling a pipe at crooks.
  9   Steve using his Bionic Arm to escape.
 10   Austin ripping open a gas line to save his life.
 11   Steve plunging a huge stake into the ground.
 12   Steve throws a table as though it were a matchbox.
 13   Austin in hot pursuit of criminals.
 14   Steve can lift a tree as though it were a twig.
 15   Steve discovers vital link to save oil refinery.
 16   Steve and Oscar discuss plans for capturing aggressors.
 17   Austin breaks free from chair.
 18   Steve lifts car so Oscar can change the tire.
 19   Steve searching for criminals' hideout.
 20   Steve at the controls of re-entry vehicle that almost killed him
 21   Steve and Oscar exchange ideas for capturing criminals.
 22   Steve being monitored by the scanner.
 23   Steve leaping from helicopter.
 24   Austin trying to save runaway train.
 25   With the Bionic Leg Steve can leap up cliffs.
 26   Steve throwing a bale of hay as though it were nothing.
 27   Austin extinguishing dangerous electrical fire.
 28   Steve spraying deadly gas at crooks.
 29   A steel door is no match for Steve's super strength.
 30   Steve hurdles fence to head off crooks.
 31   The more the merrier for Steve.
 32   Steve driving armored truck.
 33   Austin kicking the door off a car to escape.
 34   A jungle trap is no match for Steve.
 35   Austin opens locked door with ease.
 36   Mother ship carrying Steve's re-entry vehicle.
 37   The Bionic Leg enables Steve to hop over fences.
 38   Steve rips off cover of reactor to avert danger.
 39   Oscar and Steve discuss plans.
 40   Steve fights a secret agent on board an airplane.
 41   Colonel Austin awaiting blast off in re-entry vehicle.
 42   Steve de-activates a mechanical man.
 43   With the Bionic Arm Steve can throw a steel beam.
 44   Steve fighting with secret agent.
 45   Steve kicking open door to surprise secret agents.
 46   Steve photographs secret documents.
 47   Austin knocks aggressor off cliff.
 48   Steve in early stages of bionic development.
 49   B-52 about to launch Steve in the experimental craft.
 50   Steve hops over stone wall.
 51   Steve keeping in shape with sparring partner.
 52   Steve attacking a secret agent.
 53   A sword pierced Austin's leg.
 54   Steve making a believer out of a criminal.
 55   Austin easily lifts a car.
 56   Oscar ponders the outcome of Steve's mission.
 57   Assassin attacks Steve --- unaware of Austin's super powers.
 58   Steve easily pulls steel post from ground.
 59   Austin escapes from handcuffs as though they were string.
 60   Steve attacks enemy outpost to rescue an American prisoner.
 61   The Bionic strength of Steve can easily break chains.
 62   Steve disarms a nuclear reactor.
 63   Austin rips open enemy tank.
 64   Steve turns over an oncoming car.
 65   Steve rips lock off enemy hideout.
 66   Steve and Oscar examine research material.

PUZZLE MAP (66 cards; Top Left through Bottom Right)

       6       5        4        3        2        1
      12      11       10        9        8        7
      18      17       16       15       14       13
      24      23       22       21       20       19
      30      29       28       27       26       25
      36      35       34       33       32       31
      42      41       40       39       38       37
      48      47       46       45       44       43
      54      53       52       51       50       49
      60      59       58       57       56       55
      66      65       64       63       62       61

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©2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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