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Skateboard Stickers
   Donruss - 1976

Notes: Sticker-cards from this series were unnumbered, and were also found 
randomly in packs of the 1978 All-Pro Skateboard series. (Cards in that series 
were numbered.) Thanks to Albert Joseph for the list!

Box: 24 packs.


    Board Spin
    Cosmic Rider
    Curb Crusher
    Get Down
    Gorilla Grip
    Hang Five
    Hang Ten
    Headstand Wheelie
    Heavy Action
    High Energy
    High Jumper
    Hill Hunter
    Mashed Potatoes
    Number #1
    One Board Daffy
    One-Foot Nose Wheelie
    One-Foot Tail Wheelie
    Rim Shot
    Rolling Duce
    Shoot the Duck (or Christie)
    Shooting the Tube
    Sidewalk Eagle
    Sidewalk Surfer
    Sidewalk Warrior
    Skateboard Championship
    Skateboard Power
    Skateboard Purple Heart
    Skateboarders Arent' Crazy But It Helps!
    Skateboards Forever
    Slalom Run
    Street Demon
    Street Fox
    Street Pizza
    This board is the property of ...
    Two-Foot Tail Wheelie
    Walking the Board

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