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Skeleton Warriors
Fleer Ultra - 1995

Notes:  Does anybody know for sure how the oversized Ultraprint cards
were distributed? Thanks to Philip Brazina for the tip-off and to Bryan Clark
for the Ultraprint list!

Hobby Box: 36 blue packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.64 per box if collation were perfect.
Retail Box: 36 red packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.02 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title                                           Type

   1   Prince Justin                                   Before the War
   2   Princess Jennifer                               Before the War
   3   Prince Joshua                                   Before the War
   4   Baron Dark                                      Before the War
   5   Aracula                                         Before the War
   6   Shriek                                          Before the War
   7   Dagger                                          Before the War
   8   Claw                                            Before the War
   9   Dr. Cyborn                                      Before the War
  10   Lightstar                                       The Legion of Light
  11   Grimskull                                       The Legion of Light
  12   Stalker                                         The Legion of Light
  13   Talyn                                           The Legion of Light
  14   Sarafina                                        The Legion of Light
  15   Ursak the Guardian                              The Legion of Light
  16   Baron Dark                                      The Skeleton Warriors
  17   Dr. Cyborn                                      The Skeleton Warriors
  18   Dagger                                          The Skeleton Warriors
  19   Aracula                                         The Skeleton Warriors
  20   Shriek                                          The Skeleton Warriors
  21   Baddog                                          The Skeleton Warriors
  22   Mudu Worm                                       The Skeleton Warriors
  23   Claw                                            The Skeleton Warriors
  24   Bone Steed                                      The Skeleton Warriors
  25   Skeleton Dragon                                 The Skeleton Warriors
  26   Selkirk                                         Royals and Rebels
  27   Zara                                            Royals and Rebels
  28   Dr. Janov                                       Royals and Rebels
  29   King Dodogarn                                   Royals and Rebels
  30   Baron Edens                                     Royals and Rebels
  31   King Lightstar                                  Royals and Rebels
  32   Fencing                                         Moments and Missions
  33   Trickery                                        Moments and Missions
  34   The Prize                                       Moments and Missions
  35   The Crystal Splits                              Moments and Missions
  36   First Born                                      Moments and Missions
  37   Justin's Power                                  Moments and Missions
  38   I Can Fly!                                      Moments and Missions
  39   Shadowmaster                                    Moments and Missions
  40   Dark's Best Friend                              Moments and Missions
  41   A Touch of Evil                                 Moments and Missions
  42   Heartstone                                      Moments and Missions
  43   Ferris' Farewell                                Moments and Missions
  44   Justice for All                                 Moments and Missions
  45   Love & War                                      Moments and Missions
  46   Dark Dreams                                     Moments and Missions
  47   Undercover                                      Moments and Missions
  48   Out of Business                                 Moments and Missions
  49   Future Flash                                    Moments and Missions
  50   Cellmates                                       Moments and Missions
  51   Stolen Kisses                                   Moments and Missions
  52   Flying Blind                                    Moments and Missions
  53   New Evil                                        Moments and Missions
  54   Crystal Overload                                Moments and Missions
  55   Bounty Hunter                                   Moments and Missions
  56   On the Bridge                                   Moments and Missions
  57   Self-Destruct                                   Moments and Missions
  58   Fiery Foe                                       Moments and Missions
  59   Homecoming                                      Moments and Missions
  60   The Duel                                        Moments and Missions
  61   Lightshard Power                                Moments and Missions
  62   Final Battle                                    Moments and Missions
  63   He'll Be Back                                   Moments and Missions
  64   Polarizers                                      Weapons of War
  65   Harmonic Resonator                              Weapons of War
  66   The Gorgon                                      Weapons of War
  67   Aracula's Weapons                               Weapons of War
  68   SkyCycles                                       Weapons of War
  69   Dark's SkyCycles                                Weapons of War
  70   Dream Machine                                   Weapons of War
  71   Lightshard Sword                                Weapons of War
  72   Dark vs. Lightstar                              Battles to the Bone
  73   Chicken                                         Battles to the Bone
  74   Aracula vs. Guardian                            Battles to the Bone
  75   Grimskull vs. Aracula                           Battles to the Bone
  76   Baddog vs. Stalker                              Battles to the Bone
  77   Shriek vs. Talyn                                Battles to the Bone
  78   Dark vs. Grimskull                              Battles to the Bone
  79   Dagger vs. Stalker                              Battles to the Bone
  80   Claw vs. Guardian                               Battles to the Bone
  81   Insect Repellent                                Battles to the Bone
  82   Skeleton Siege                                  Battles to the Bone
  83   Prisoner's Brawl                                Battles to the Bone
  84   The Saga Begins: "Flesh and Bone"               The Skull's Tales
  85   War Trust: "Trust and Betrayal"                 The Skull's Tales
  86   Heartless: "Heart and Soul"                     The Skull's Tales
  87   Slaying Dragons: "Bones of Contention"          The Skull's Tales
  88   Victims of Love: "Zara"                         The Skull's Tales
  89   Shadow Play: "Mind Games"                       The Skull's Tales
  90   Sabotage: "Harmonic Divergence"                 The Skull's Tales
  91   Futureshock: "Past Perfect, Future Tense"       The Skull's Tales
  92   Diplomacy: "Brawl and Chain"                    The Skull's Tales
  93   Heat of Battle: "Overload"                      The Skull's Tales
  94   The Web of War: "Long Live the King"            The Skull's Tales
  95   The Fall ..: "Conquest and Consequence Part I"  The Skull's Tales
  96   The Fallen: "Conquest and Consequence Part II"  The Skull's Tales
  97   Legion of Light                                 The Legends of Luminaire
  98   The Skeleton Legion                             The Legends of Luminaire
  99   The Oracle Skull                                The Legends of Luminaire
 100   Fleer Ultra Skeleton Warriors Checklist


PowerBlast Cards (1:6 Hobby packs, 1:11 Retail packs)

  1    Prince Lightstar
  2    Grimskull
  3    Talyn
  4    Ursak the Guardian
  5    Baron Dark
  6    Dr. Cyborn
  7    Dagger
  8    Shriek
  9    Aracula

Suspended Animation Cards (1:4 Hobby packs, 1:6 Retail packs)

  1    Baron Dark
  2    Grimskull
  3    Prince Lightstar
  4    Talyn & Sarafina
  5    Dr. Cyborn
  6    Dagger & Baddog
  7    Aracula
  8    Ursak the Guardian
  9    Claw
 10    Shriek

Luma Bone Cards (1:4 Hobby packs, 1:7 Retail packs)

  1    Baron Dark
  2    Dr. Cyborn
  3    Dagger and Aracula
  4    Shriek
  5    Claw

Ultraprint Cards (Special promotion to dealers)

--     Dr. Cyborn
--     Baron Dark
--     Aracula
--     Grimskull
--     Prince Lightstar


Comics Promos (unnumbered)
  Distributed in Marvel Comics together with X-Men '95 Ultra packs.

 --    Baron Dark
 --    Dagger
 --    Dr. Cyborn
 --    Grimskull
 --    Prince Lightstar
 --    Shriek
 --    Talyn
 --    Ursak the Guardian

4-up Panels (5" x 7")

 --    Prince Lightstar, Shriek, Dagger, Talyn (non-perforated; magazines)
 --    Baron Dark, Ursak the Guardian, Grimskull, Dr. Cyborn (perforation; Previews)

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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