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   Goudey - 1941

Notes: Reference number R137. Cards are 2-15/16" x 2-7/8" with color artwork and 
blank backs.

  No.    Title                             Description

No. 1    U.S.A. Patrol Bomber              4 Engines
No. 2    English Gloster F 534             Low Wing Single Seater
No. 3    English "Hawker Henley"           Used as Dive Bomber
No. 4    German Junkers JU-B6R Bomber      Long Distance Bomber
No. 5    German "Hamburger" HA-137         Single Seater
No. 6    English. Hawker Hurricane         R.A.F. Now Using as Pursuit Planes
No. 7    U.S.A. Boeing B-17                Flying Fortress
No. 8    French. Hanridt 22D               2 Large Engines
No. 9    U.S.A. Curtis Pursuit Plane       Used for Training Students
No. 10   German Stuka Henschel HS-123      Dive Bomber
No. 11   German Dornier DD-17              1500 Mile Long Range Bomber
No. 12   German Messerschmidt BT-109-R     Single Seater
No. 13   Italian. Fiat Biplane             Carries Incendiary Bombs and Machine Guns
No. 14   Italian. Breda 88                 Twin Engine Bomber
No. 15   Russia. The U.R.S.S. L-760        Giant 6 Engine Monoplane
No. 16   U.S.A. Curtis-Hawk 75             Very Fast Single Seater
No. 17   U.S.A. Brewster F-2A1             Navy Single Seater
No. 18   English. The Short Sunderland     Long Range Flyer
No. 19   Swedish. Bristol Bulldog          Carries 2 Guns
No. 20   U.S.A. Lockheed XP 38             Fastest 2 Engine Pursuit Plane
No. 21   English Famous Spitfire           R.A.F. Single Seat Night Fighter
No. 22   Japan: Mitsubishi V6 Bomber       2 Motors
No. 23   U.S.A. Consolidated XPB-2Y        Long Range Flyer
No. 24   China Northrup B A-1              Two-Seater Bomber

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