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Sleepy Hollow
Inkworks - 1999

Notes:  The Tim Burton and Johnny Depp autographed cards were never issued,
which I expect is why so many redemption cards were stamped "promo" and
distributed as such. Thanks much to MizzLady2, Tom Hoover, and Peter Cooper 
for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.14 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Title

 1   Sleepy Hollow
 2   Ichabod Crane's New Mission
 3   The High Constable
 4   Arrival
 5   Love Is Blind
 6   Rivals
 7   The Sleepy Hollow Elite
 8   Legend of the Horseman
 9   The Hessian Warrior
10   The Horseman Surrounded!
11   Death Struggle
12   The Headless Corpse
13   The Constable's New Methods
14   Forming a Bond with Young Masbeth
15   Digging Up the Past
16   Startling Discovery
17   A Ride on the Wild Side
18   True or False Phantom?
19   Arrogant Trickster
20   Memories of Mom
21   The Lovely Katrina
22   The Horseman Attacks!
23   The Fate of Philipse
24   The Forbidden Arts
25   Ichabod's Plan
26   The Haunted Woods
27   Approaching the Witch Cave
28   Dwelling of the Damned
29   Ritual of Evil
30   A Message for Ichabod
31   Approaching the Tree of the Dead
32   The Horseman's Marker
33   His Final Remains ... But No Skull
34   From within the Tree
35   The Headless Horseman Appears!
36   Too Late To Save Her
37   The Headless Witch
38   A Family Marked for Doom
39   Of Light and Shadow
40   Dark Intruder
41   Demon without a Head
42   A Futile Fight
43   Blood Trophies
44   Death Reach
45   Caught by the Hessian
46   Facing a Fearsome Foe
47   Battling Brom
48   No Match for the Horseman
49   Monstrous Memories
50   In the Notary Office
51   Unlikely Lovers
52   Ghost Horse
53   Attacking Sleepy Hollow
54   Panic Inside the Church
55   Outside God's Domain
56   His Shameful Secrets Revealed
57   Makeshift Weapon
58   Impaled!
59   Pulled through the Window
60   Lady van Tassel's Bloody Scheme
61   The Witch Sisters
62   Invading the Windmill
63   Escape from Fiery Death
64   The Final Card
65   Retrieving the Skull
66   Katrina Under Attack!
67   The High Constable
68   Demonic Reunion
69   The Hessian's Last Victim
70   The Fate of Lady van Tassel
71   Kiss of Death
72   A Whole New World

Character (Foil) Cards

73   Ichabod Crane
74   Katrina Van Tassel
75   Baltus Van Tassel
76   Lady Van Tassel
77   Young Masbeth
78   Clergyman Steenwyck
79   Brom Van Brunt
80   Lady Crane
81   The Hessian Horseman

Final Cut Cards

82   Haunted Filmaker
83   Of Witches and Goblins
84   Monstrous Make-Up
85   Setting the Proper Atmosphere
86   Recreating Sleepy Hollow
87   Fate of a Witch
88   Fantastic Environment
89   A Bloody Good Game

90   Sleepy Hollow Checklist


"Heads Will Roll" Character Foil Cards (1:11 packs)

CC1  Getting A Head With Tim Burton
CC2  Maven of the Macabre
CC3  Disembodied Damsel
CC4  Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane
CC5  Christina Ricci as Katrina
CC6  Mark Pickering as Young Masbeth
CC7  Miranda Richardson as Lady Van Tassel
CC8  Jeffrey Jones as Clergyman Steenwyck
CC9  Christopher Walken as The Hessian Horseman

Lobby Poster Cards (Metallic) (1:17 packs)

LC1  A Warrior from Hell
LC2  Battle to the Death
LC3  The Mystery of Sleepy Hollow
LC4  The Witching Ways
LC5  Night of the Headless Horseman
LC6  The Courage of Ichabod Crane

Die-Cut Parchment Card (1:108 packs)

T1   Ye Old Tabloid

Autographed Cards

A2   Lisa Marie
A3   Jeffrey Jones
A4   Casper van Dien
A5   Danny Elfman
R1   (Redemption Card)

Card Album

--   (Binder)


P1   Johnny Depp
P2   The Headless Horseman
P3   Christina Ricci (Non-Sport Update)
R1   Redemption Card / Promo (not redeemable; 500 made)
---  Don't Miss This ... Or Heads Will Roll!  (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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