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Inkworks - 1997

Note: Thanks much to Jerry Wood and Jen Badham for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.91 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                     Episode / Comic / Type

  1   Sliders                                   Title Card
  2   The First Season                          Season 1
  3   The Second Season                         Season 2
  4   'It Gets Better!'                         Pilot
  5   '... We're Buds, Right?'                  Pilot
  6   'I Don't Have a Dog'                      Pilot
  7   'We're Not in Kansas ...'                 Pilot
  8   Call Me Comrade                           Pilot
  9   Hygienically Approved                     Fever
 10   Some Unexpected Help                      Fever
 11   'Age Before Beauty'                       Fever
 12   Bennish's Solution                        Last Days
 13   The Atomic Genie                          Last Days
 14   Dinner by Candlelight                     Last Days
 15   A King's Ransom                           Prince of Wails
 16   Tune In, Turn On, Turn Over               Summer of Love
 17   Just Think It                             Eggheads
 18   Breakfast of Geniuses                     Eggheads
 19   Vote Arturo!                              The Weaker Sex
 20   The Undisputed King                       The King Is Back
 21   Double Vision                             The King Is Back
 22   Another Lucky Winner!                     Luck of the Draw
 23   Run for It!                               Into the Mystic
 24   A Rare Breed                              Love Gods
 25   Patriots!                                 Love Gods
 26   See Me!                                   Gillian of the Spirits
 27   Dead-Eye!                                 The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy
 28   Target Practice                           The Good, the Bad, and the Wealthy
 29   The Buddy System                          El Sid
 30   We, the People                            Time Again and World
 31   Danger: Predators!                        In Dino Veritas
 32   Almost Home                               Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome
 33   Wade's Dream                              Obsession
 34   Bond, Derek Bond                          Obsession
 35   The Incorruptibles                        Greatfellas
 36   One Cool Cat                              Greatfellas
 37   "Prayin' to Jesus"                        Greatfellas
 38   An Explosive Situation                    Greatfellas
 39   Jump Right In                             The Young and the Relentless
 40   Who Killed Q.R.?                          The Young and the Relentless
 41   Kromagg's Rule!                           Invasion
 42   Inside a Manta                            Invasion
 43   The Trackers                              Invasion
 44   Caught!                                   Invasion
 45   Time's Arrow                              As Time Goes By
 46   Armada!                                   Sliders #1 of 2
 47   Harvest Time                              Sliders #2 of 2
 48   "Rapture"                                 Sliders: Ultimatum #1 of 2
 49   "Damnation"                               Sliders: Ultimatum #2 of 2
 50   "Fissions of the Soul"                    Sliders: Darkest Hour #1 of 3
 51   "Dimensional Shadows"                     Sliders: Darkest Hour #2 of 3
 52   "Soul Survivors"                          Sliders: Darkest Hour #3 of 3
 53   "Narcotica"                               Sliders Special #1
 54   "Blood & Splendor"                        Sliders: The Lost Episode
 55   Paint It Red!                             Alternate Worlds
 56   The New Ice Age                           Alternate Worlds
 57   Fish Out of Water                         Alternate Worlds
 58   Too Cool! Too Bad.                        Alternate Worlds
 59   Mrs. President                            Alternate Worlds
 60   The Secrets of Sorcery                    Alternate Worlds
 61   Trouble in the Rubble                     Alternate Worlds
 62   Just Desserts                             Alternate Worlds
 63   A Big Bite [Invaded Earth]                Alternate Worlds
 64   The Third Season                          Season 3
 65   Rules of the Game                         Season 3
 66   Double Cross                              Season 3
 67   Electric Twister Acid Test                Season 3
 68   Quinn Mallory                             Character Card
 69   Wade Wells                                Character Card
 70   Maximillian Arturo                        Character Card
 71   Rembrandt Brown                           Character Card
 72   Sliders Checklist                         Checklist

---   Official Sliders Gear                     Pack-Insert Merchandise Card


Embossed Cards (1:11 packs)

1 of 9  Welcome to Level One (Rules of the Game)
2 of 9  Stay Alive (Rules of the Game)
3 of 9  See You at the Beach (Rules of the Game)
4 of 9  Welcome to San Angeles (Double Cross)
5 of 9  Max? (Double Cross)
6 of 9  The Dark Side (Double Cross)
7 of 9  The Haven (Electric Twister Acid Test)
8 of 9  Outcasts (Electric Twister Acid Test)
9 of 9  Redemption (Electric Twister Acid Test)
Foilworks Cards (1:17 packs)

1 of 6  The Ancient Kromagg Homeworld
2 of 6  The Ancient Kromagg Homeworld
3 of 6  The Ancient Kromagg Homeworld
4 of 6  The Kromagg Homeworld Today: ... forests
5 of 6  The Kromagg Homeworld Today: ... city-states
6 of 6  The Kromagg Homeworld Today: Even today ...
Motionworks Lenticular Cards (1:35 packs)

One   Jerry O'Connell and Sabrina Lloyd
Two   John Rhys-Davies and Clevant Derricks

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (6-card panel of Foilworks cards)


---   (unnumbered; dealers, Non-Sport Update)

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