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Smallville Season 1
   Inkworks - 2002

Notes:   thanks much to June Miller for the update!  Further information and scans
are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                     Episode

    1    Smallville

Character Cards

    2    Clark Kent
    3    Lex Luthor
    4    Jonathan Kent
    5    Martha Kent
    6    Lana Lang
    7    Chloe Sullivan
    8    Pete Ross
    9    Whitney Fordman
   10    Lionel Luthor
   11    Nell Potter
   12    Roger Nixon

Welcome to Smallville

   13    Downtown Smallville
   14    Smallville High
   15    Fordman's
   16    The Kent Farm
   17    The Talon
   18    LuthorCorp

Heir to LuthorCorp

   19    King and Heir
   20    Fearless
   21    Love and War
   22    Home Turf
   23    The Stuff of Legend
   24    Haunted Heritage
   25    Secrets
   26    Eye on the Prize
   27    King of Doom?

Smallville Torch Uncensored

   28    Stones From Space
   29    The Mad Scientist
   30    The Vibrating Man
   31    The Freezing Boy
   32    The Invisible Kid
   33    The Electric Boy
   34    The Phantom Burglars
   35    The Bug Boy
   36    The Queen Bee

Amazing Abilities

   37    Ship from Space
   38    Super Strength
   39    Super Speed
   40    Invulnerability
   41    X-Ray Vision
   42    Fatal Weakness


   43    Picture Perfect: Lana & Whitney
   44    Balancing Act: Lana & Clark
   45    Going Places: Lana & Lex

Amazing Abilities

   46    Orphan from Space                         Premiere
   47    Accidental Meeting                        Premiere
   48    A Shocking End                            Premiere
   49    Going Buggy                               Metamorphosis
   50    Friend of the Devil                       Metamorphosis
   51    Firing 'Em Up                             Hothead
   52    The Hot Story                             Hothead
   53    Scene of the Crime                        X-Ray
   54    Nick of Time                              X-Ray
   55    Dealing With the Devil                    Cool
   56    Chillin' Out                              Cool
   57    Second Sight                              Hourglass
   58    A Close Save                              Hourglass
   59    Meteor Men                                Craving
   60    Midnight Snack                            Craving
   61    All Shook Up                              Jitters
   62    Generation Gap                            Jitters
   63    Bus Stop                                  Rogue
   64    Public Nuisance                           Rogue
   65    If Only...                                Shimmer
   66    Bath Assaults                             Shimmer
   67    Touchy Situation                          Hug
   68    Fill 'Er Up?                              Hug
   69    Pick Up Line                              Leech
   70    Down And Out                              Leech
   71    On The Edge                               Kinetic
   72    Cruisin' For A Bruisin'                   Kinetic
   73    Blast From The Past                       Zero
   74    Poisoned Dreams                           Zero
   75    Inner Demons                              Nicodemus
   76    Temptation                                Nicodemus
   77    Dream Team                                Stray
   78    Like Father, Like Son?                    Stray
   79    Touch of Death                            Reaper
   80    Awkward Moments                           Reaper
   81    Campaign Issues                           Drone
   82    Political Attacks                         Drone
   83    Power of a Kiss                           Crush
   84    Haunted                                   Crush
   85    Intensive Care                            Obscura
   86    The Missing Piece                         Obscura
   87    Private Investigations                    Tempest
   88    Something in the Air                      Tempest
   89    Gathering Storm                           Tempest

   90    Checklist


Smallville High Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

 SH-1    Loser?
 SH-2    Do Your Best
 SH-3    Football Tryouts
 SH-4    School Politics
 SH-5    Fantasy
 SH-6    Geology 101
 SH-7    Homework
 SH-8    Class Projects
 SH-9    Mr. Popular

Spring Formal Cards (1:17 packs)

 SF-1    Clark
 SF-2    Pete
 SF-3    Lana & Whitney
 SF-4    Chloe
 SF-5    Clark & Chloe
 SF-6    Pete & Clark

Pieceworks Cards (1:59 packs)

  PW1    Tom Welling as Clark Kent (t-shirt)       Zero
  PW2    Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang (jeans)        Hug
  PW3    John Schneider as Jonathan Kent (shirt)   Rogue
          -- plaid pattern
          -- solid green
  PW4    Sam Jones III as Pete Ross (t-shirt)      Reaper

Autographed Cards (1:59 Packs)

   A1    John Schneider as Jonathan Kent
   A2    Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan
   A3    Eric Johnson as Whitney Fordman
   A4    Kelly Brook as Victoria Hardwick
   A5    Hiro Kanagawa as Principal H. Kwan
   A6    Joe Morton as Dr. Steven Hamilton

Secret Dreams Box-Topper Cards

  BL1    Forbidden Kiss: Clark
  BL2    Our Leader: Lex
  BL3    The Real Lana?: Lana

Case-Topper Card

  CL1    Reign of Blood

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 250)

   --    Smallville High (9-card Puzzle)

Card Album

   --    Smallville (Binder)

CD Insert Cards (1 card per CD, Smallville Talon Mix Soundtrack)

1 of 3   Lana Lang
2 of 3   Clark Kent
3 of 3   Lex Luthor

Action Figure Cards

  A1     Clark
  A2     Lana
  A3     Lex


  P-1    (Cast; General Distribution)
  P-2    (Clark; Non-Sport Update)
  P-3    (Lex; Conventions)
  P-4    (Cast; Cards, Inc. - U.K.)
  P-i    (Lana;
SM1-SD   (Cast; San Diego Comic Con)
   A1    Clark Kent (DC Direct-Toy Insert Promo)
   A2    Lana Lang (DC Direct-Toy Insert Promo)
   A3    Lex Luthor (DC Direct-Toy Insert Promo)
   --    (Dealer sell sheet)

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