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Smallville Season Two
   Inkworks - 2003

Notes:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.
Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards (10 boxes/case).
Common sets (90): approx. 2.72 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.    Title / Text                                      Episode

Character Cards

       1    Smallville
       2    Clark Kent
       3    Lex Luthor
       4    Lana Lang
       5    Chloe Sullivan
       6    Pete Ross
       7    Jonathan Kent
       8    Martha Kent
       9    Lionel Luthor

Smallville High Torch (Wall of Weird)

      10    New Doc In Town
      11    Dead Scientist
      12    The Newest Luthor

The Curse of Kryptonite

      13    Green Kryptonite
      14    Red Kryptonite
      15    Green Power
      16    The Kryptonite Key
      17    Kryptonite Kills
      18    Red Runaway

Family Ties

      19    The Kent Family
      20    Clark and Lana
      21    Clark and Chloe
      22    Clark and Lex
      23    Lex and Lionel
      24    Lex, Lionel and Lucas
      25    Lana and Henry Small
      26    Lana and Chloe
      27    Clark and Jor-El

Buried Secrets

      28    Dropping In
      29    Legend of the Cave
      30    The Key to the Cave
      31    Rave in a Cave
      32    language Lessons
      33    Shock Doc
      34    It's the Day
      35    Getting Down
      36    The Green Key

The Ship from Space

      37    Reprieve
      38    The Ship Speaks
      39    Rule Them!
      40    Ultimatum
      41    Killer Key
      42    Disaster

Episode Cards

      43    Twister Fallout                                   Vortex
      44    Buried Alive                                      Vortex
      45    Hot Flashes                                       Heat
      46    Things Heat Up                                    Heat
      47    Pete's Spaceship                                  Duplicity
      48    Meteor Rock Menage                                Duplicity
      49    Red Alert!                                        Red
      50    Bad Boy Clark                                     Red
      51    Graveyard Romance                                 Nocturne
      52    The Beast Within                                  Nocturne
      53    A Fatal Kiss                                      Redux
      54    The Death-Defier                                  Redux
      55    Blood Relations                                   Lineage
      56    Smother Love                                      Lineage
      57    Cry for Help                                      Ryan
      58    Reach for the Sky                                 Ryan
      59    Double Trouble                                    Dichotic
      60    Doctor! Doctor!                                   Dichotic
      61    Hidden History                                    Skinwalkers
      62    Going Native                                      Skinwalkers
      63    Tina Re-turner                                    Visage
      64    Morphing Menace                                   Visage
      65    Bugged!                                           Insurgence
      66    Hostage Crisis                                    Insurgence
      67    Suspect                                           Suspect
      68    Chain of Evidence                                 Suspect
      69    Cave Rave                                         Rush
      70    Over the Edge                                     Rush
      71    Brother 2 Brother                                 Prodigal
      72    Sibling Rivalry                                   Prodigal
      73    Killer Flu                                        Fever
      74    Saved by the Ship                                 Fever
      75    Heritage Found                                    Rosetta
      76    Son of Krypton                                    Rosetta
      77    A Fellow Alien                                    Visitor
      78    Rescue                                            Visitor
      79    Fighting Back                                     Precipice
      80    Stalked                                           Precipice
      81    Puff K Daddy                                      Witness
      82    Intimidation                                      Witness
      83    Little Girl Lost                                  Accelerate
      84    Drowning Sorrows                                  Accelerate
      85    The Day is Coming                                 Calling
      86    Clark Must Die!                                   Calling
      87    The Day Dawns                                     Exodus
      88    Fallout                                           Exodus
      89    End of the Line                                   Exodus

      90    Checklist


The Day Is Coming Foil Puzzle (1:11 packs)

    DC-1    "It's like it's calling out to me, like it's t    Rosetta
    DC-2    "It was prophesied that Numan would fall from     Skinwalkers
    DC-3    "You're gonna change a lot of people's lives,     Ryan
    DC-4    "This is Kal-El of Krypton. Our infant son, ou    Rosetta
    DC-5    "Something happened to Clark in that cave."       Rosetta
    DC-6    "It's Ziget. He's like a brother to Numan. Leg    Rosetta
    DC-7    "This is the mark of your ancestors. You canno    Exodus
    DC-8    "Rule them with strength, my son. That is wher    Rosetta
    DC-9    "No one can help me now."                         Exodus

Till Death Do Us Part Foil Cards (1:17 packs)

     dp1    The Proposal
     dp2    Bad Blood
     dp3    The Nervous Groom
     dp4    The Blushing Bride
     dp5    Mr. and Mrs. Luthor
     dp6    Till Death...

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

     A7     Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent
     A8     Sam Jones III as Pete Ross
     A9     Sarah-Jane Redmond as Nell Lang (Potter)
     A10    Tom O'Brien as Roger Nixon
     A11    John Glover as Lionel Luthor
     A12    Emmanuelle Vaugier as Dr. Helen Bryce
     A13    Jason Connery as Dominic Sanatori
     A14    Patrick Cassidy as Henry Small
     A15    Richard Moll as Mr. Moore
     A16    Gwynyth Walsh as Mrs. Moore

Pieceworks Costume Cards (1:36 packs)

   PW1      Shirt worn by Tom Welling as Clark Kent           Exodus
   PW2      Jacket worn by Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang         Accelerate
   PW3      Dress worn by Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan      Exodus
               [by redemption]
   PW4      Shirt worn by Sam Jones III as Pete Ross          Redux
   PW5      Shirt worn by Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent      Witness
   PW6      Shirt worn by John Schneider as Jonathan Kent     Visage
              [plaid; dark blue; light blue]
   PW7      Shirt worn by John Glover as Lionel Luthor        Suspect
   PW8      Shirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor     Witness
               [by redemption]
   PWR-1    Congratulations! (Redemption Card)

Search for Krypton Boxtoppers

    bl-1    Dr. Virgil Swann
    bl-2    Krypton - The Lost Planet
    bl-3    Hope

The Key Die-Cut Casetopper

     CL1    The Mark of Jor-El

Card Album

      --    Smallville (padded binder)

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 299)

      --    The Day Is Coming (9-card puzzle panel)


 SM2-1      Coming October 2003 (8 cast)
 SM2-2      Coming October 2003 (8 cast)
SM-SD2003   Coming October 2003 (8 cast; San Diego Comic Con)
 SM2-UK     Coming October 2003 (Clark & Lana; U.K. exclusive)
 SM2-i      Coming October 2003 (Lex & Lionel)
INK-2003    (10-card panel with 9 other sets)
  --        Coming October 2003 (dealer sell sheet)

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