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Smallville Season 3
   Inkworks - 2004

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. xxxx per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title / Text                                                 Episode

    1    (Title Card)

Character Cards

    2    Clark Kent
    3    Lana Lang
    4    Lex Luthor
    5    Pete Ross
    6    Chloe Sullivan
    7    Lionel Luthor
    8    Martha Kent
    9    Jonathan Kent

The Legend of Krypton

   10    The Kowatche Caves
   11    Jor-El Gives
   12    Jor-El Takes
   13    The Heart of Jor-El
   14    The Promise of Jor-El
   15    Naman and Sageeth
   16    The Rival
   17    The Honey Trap
   18    "Now You Shall Be Reborn"

Family Secrets

   19    The Hidden Face
   20    A Prodigal's Welcome
   21    ...Had a Great Fall
   22    Total Commitment
   23    Electroshock
   24    A Devilish Deal
   25    Flashbacks
   26    Smother Love
   27    The Burden of Enlightenment

Lionel's Obsession

   28    Bloodlines
   29    Blood Price
   30    Super Serum
   31    Bad Blood
   32    In Need of New Blood
   33    Spilled Blood
   34    The Bloody End
   35    Bloodless Love
   36    Red Blood, Gray Bars

Reporter's Notebook

   37    In Over My Head...
   38    Perry White (!!!)
   39    W.O.W Update
   40    Live on Tape!
   41    Taking a Stand
   42    Running Scared

Episode Cards

   43    Big City Kal
   44    Imaginary Friend
   45    Rescuing Clark
   46    Fathers and Son
   47    Killer Newlywed
   48    Trail of Blood
   49    Fatal Weakness
   50    Showdown
   51    Nightmare World
   52    Dream Escape
   53    Bottom Feeder
   54    Forcing the Issue
   55    A Father's Footsteps
   56    Ghost From the Past
   57    Mind Games
   58    Polar Opposites
   59    "Don't Wake the Baby"
   60    Descent Into Madness
   61    Blasts From the Past
   62    Shocking Ends
   63    Super Screamer
   64    Fighting Blind
   65    Death By E-Mail
   66    Fighting Mad
   67    Fatal Visions
   68    Flash Point
   69    "Boss" Ross
   70    Crash and Burn
   71    Falling In Love
   72    He Loves Me Not
   73    Reborn To Die
   74    Explosive Temper
   75    A Timely Call
   76    Last Call
   77    Turning the Key
   78    "I Am Waiting"
   79    The Truth is Out There
   80    The Truth Hurts
   81    Down Memory Lane
   82    Repressed Truths
   83    Heroes and Villains
   84    Touched by Fate
   85    Lonely Girl
   86    A Loyal Friend
   87    Kin
   88    Multiple Division
   89    The Lion in Winter

   90    Checklist


Generations Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

  G-1    Clark: I guess you can't run away from your pr               Phoenix
  G-2    Clark: I've come into contact with a lot of Kr               Extinction
  G-3    Jor-el: "Are you willing to sacrifice anything               Exile
  G-4    Lex: "It's ironic. In the most remote solitude               Phoenix
  G-5    Clark: "I guess we all gotta take a look at ou               Phoenix
  G-6    Lex: "I am a freak..."                                       Extinction
  G-7    Perry White: "You must have something. Give it               Perry
  G-8    Johnathan Kent: "His powers have now done some               Whisper
  G-9    Lex: "I was right about you all the time, Clar               Shattered

Departures Cards (1:17 packs)

  D-1    A Sign of Change
  D-2    Sting of the Viper
  D-3    Adieu, Clark. Bonjour Paris
  D-4    Breath of the Dragon
  D-5    Opting Out
  D-6    Bait

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs)

 PW1     Shirt worn by Tom Welling as Clark Kent                      Truth
 PW2     Sweater worn by Kristen Kreuk as Lana Lang (by redemption)   Shattered
 PW3     Shirt worn by Allison Mock as Chloe Sullivan                 Shattered
 PW4     Shirt worn by Sam Jones III as Pete Ross                     Extinction
 PW5     Shirt worn by Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent                 Exile
 PW6     Shirt worn by John Schneider as Jonathan Kent                Crisis
 PW7     Shirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor                Crisis
 PWR1    Congratulations! (Pieceworks Redemption Card)                Shattered

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs)

  A17    Camille Mitchell as Sheriff Nancy Adams
  A18    Michael McKean as Perry White
  A19    William B. Davis as Mayor Tate
  A20    Jesse Metcalfe as Van McNulty
  A21    Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Ian Randall
  A22    Felecia Bell-Schafer as Judge Abigail Ross
  A23    Neil Flynn as Pete Dinsmore
  A24    Adrianne Palicki as Kara
  A25    Teryl Rothery as The Real Estate Agent

"Judgment Day" Box Loader Cards

  BL1    Jor-El Calls
  BL2    The Ultimate Sacrifice
  BL3    Bad To The Bone

Case Loader Card

  CL1    The Last Son of Krypton

Case Topper Comic (signed by John Van Fleet)

   --    Smallville Issue 10

Uncut Sheet (numbered to 199)

   --    (9-card "Generations" puzzle G1-G9)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    Smallville (binder)


SM3-1    (Lex, Clark, Lana; general distribution)
SM3-2    (Lana; Non-Sport Update)
SM3-UK   (Lex; U.K. distribution, Cards Inc.)
SM3-i    (Clark; internet offer)
SM3-SD   (5 cast; 2004 San Diego Comic Con)

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