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Smallville Season Four
   Inkworks - 2005

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets (90): approx. 2.72 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                                 Episode

    1    Smallville [Title Card]

Character Cards

    2    Clark Kent
    3    Lois Lane
    4    Lana Lang
    5    Jason Teague
    6    Lex Luthor
    7    Chloe Sullivan
    8    Jonathan & Martha Kent
    9    Lionel Luthor

Elemental Conflict

   10    Buried Secrets
   11    The Second Stone
   12    Clark's Quest
   13    Witch Crafty
   14    The Guardian
   15    The Root of Power
   16    The Final Stone
   17    Completion
   18    On to Higher Learning

Reporter's Notebook

   19    A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma
   20    Witness
   21    Clean Slate
   22    Hidden Assests
   23    A Real Hottie
   24    To the Rescue!

Wall of Weird

   25    Chloe R.I.P.
   26    The Boy of Steel
   27    Bet Your Life
   28    The Sand Man Cometh
   29    Tempus Fugit
   30    Least Likely To Be...


   31    The Lion at Bay
   32    Switching Fates
   33    The Price of Freedom
   34    The Tipping Point
   35    Soul Mates
   36    The Son You Always Wanted

Flint and Steel

   37    Lightning Strikes
   38    Hot Water
   39    On Guard
   40    A Witch in Time
   41    Ptomaine Course
   42    Tough Enough

Episode Cards

   43    Three Months Later...                                 Crusade
   44    Magic in Paris                                        Crusade
   45    Krypton's Child is Fleet in Flight                    Crusade
   46    Black K                                               Crusade
   47    Grave Matters                                         Gone
   48    Chloe Lives!                                          Gone
   49    Skin Deep                                             Façade
   50    A Bad Face Day                                        Façade
   51    Commanding Attention                                  Devoted
   52    Krypton-ade                                           Devoted
   53    Speed Thrills                                         Run
   54    On the Run                                            Run
   55    Foreign Exchange                                      Transference
   56    Power Unfettered                                      Transference
   57    Pushing Her Luck                                      Jinx
   58    Skewing the Odds                                      Jinx
   59    Mark of the Switch                                    Spell
   60    Witches' Brew                                         Spell
   61    Killer Date                                           Bound
   62    A Woman Scorned                                       Bound
   63    Day-mares                                             Scare
   64    Apolcalyptic Visions                                  Scare
   65    Rehabilitated?                                        Unsafe
   66    Red Love                                              Unsafe
   67    Scapegoat                                             Pariah
   68    Sacrifice                                             Pariah
   69    Killer in Bunny Slippers?                             Recruit
   70    Blood Ties                                            Recruit
   71    Doggone                                               Krypto
   72    Family Matters                                        Krypto
   73    Legacy                                                Sacred
   74    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Lana                          Sacred
   75    Wild Child                                            Lucy
   76    A Merry Chase                                         Lucy
   77    The Real Lex?                                         Onyx
   78    I Am The Villian...                                   Onyx
   79    Queen B                                               Spirit
   80    Revenge Chic                                          Spirit
   81    Tabula Rasa                                           Blank
   82    Pentimento                                            Blank
   83    Evan's Gift                                           Ageless
   84    Vita Brevis                                           Ageless
   85    High School High                                      Forever
   86    Hostages                                              Forever
   87    Graduation Day                                        Commencement
   88    The Sentries                                          Commencement
   89    Commencement                                          Commencement

   90    Checklist


Lois & Clark Puzzle (1:11 packs)

 LC-1    Lois: You may not remember all the players on         Blank
 LC-2    Clark: Lois, who would've thought I'd be relie        Recruit
 LC-3    Clark: Lois? She's bossy. She's stuck up, she'        Gone
 LC-4    Clark: Lois - what are you doing here?                Recruit
 LC-5    Lois: Trust your gut. Like, what's it say abou        Blank
 LC-6    Chloe: How is the new tenant? Clark: Lois? Wel        Krypto
 LC-7    Lois: Look at his face...look at his face...          Crusade
 LC-8    Lois: Give me a nerd with glasses any day of t        Crusade
 LC-9    Lois: ...if I have to sell my car for food, th        Recruit

Switchcraft Cards (1:17 packs)

 SW-1    The Dying Curse
 SW-2    Sign of Change
 SW-3    Belle, Book & Bloodstain
 SW-4    Witch Switch
 SW-5    Stone Killer
 SW-6    Blood Price

Autographed Cards (1:36 Packs)

  A26    Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor
  A27    Erica Durance as Lois Lane
  A28    Margot Kidder as Bridgette Crosby
  A29    Sarah Carter as Alicia Baker
  A30    Peyton List as Lucy Lane
  A31    Jonathan Bennett as Kevin Grady
  A32    Rob Freeman as Coach Quigley [by redemption]
  A33    Kyle Gallner as Bart Allen
  A34    Trent Ford as Mikhail Mxyzptlk
  AR-1   (Redemption Card)

Pieceworks Cards (1:36 packs)

  PW1    Shirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor         Forever
  PW2    Shirt worn by Tom Welling as Clark Kent               Commencement
  PW3    Skirt worn by Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang              Spell
  PW4    T-shirt worn by Erica Durance as Lois Lane            Krypto
  PW5    T-shirt worn by Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague         Pariah
  PW6    Jacket worn by Jayne Seymour as Genevieve Teague      Zero
  PW7    Suit pants worn by Margot Kidder as Bridgette Crosby  Transference

Kryptonian Symbols Box-Loader Cards

 BL-1    Fire / Passion
 BL-2    Water / Emotion
 BL-3    Air / Intellect

Nemesis Case-Loader Card

 CL-1    Nemesis

Multi-Case Incentive Card

PW1-A    Shirt worn by Michael Rosenbaum as Lex (Autographed Pieceworks)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    Smallville: Season Four

Uncut Sheet (sold separately; numbered to 199)

   --    (9-card panel of Lois & Clark puzzle cards)


SM4-1    (4 cast; general distribution)
SM4-i    (Clark & Lois; offer)
SM4-UK   (9 cast; UK distribution)
   --    (dealer sell sheet)

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