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The Adventures of Smilin' Jack
   Samuel Eppy, Inc. - 1943

Notes: Cards were issued in 16-card "strips" and showed black-and-white movie 
stills or drawings on fronts and story text on backs. Cards were inscribed "Buy 
War Bonds and Stamps for Victory." Thanks to Mark Finn via Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards for filling in a few gaps! American Card Catalog reference is R4. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Card Text

  1   JACK Martin (Smilin' Jack). Ace Pilot, barnstormer
  2   TOMMY THOMPSON (Edgar Barrier). Tommy Thompson, ro
  3   CAPTAIN WING (Keye Luke). An associate of Smilin'
  4   JANET THOMPSON (Marjorie Lord). Sister of Soldier
  5   MAH LING (Cyril Delevanti). Mah Ling is High Pries
  6   GEN. KAI Ling (Sidney Toler). This man is typical
  7   KAGEYAMA (Turhan Bey). A sly, clever and treachero
  8   JUDE Miller (Rose Hobart). Gertrude Miller, a pres
  9   Jack Martin, known wherever there is flying danger
 10   Smilin' Jack visits Janet Thompson, sister of Tomm
 11   Captain Wing glimpses the knife-thrower through th
 12   In searching the unconscious Jap the man's shirt s
 13   Smilin' Jack and Janet are sure that Tommy must ha
 14   Gertrude Miller enters the private office of Kagey
 15   Smilin' Jack has changed his mind about going home
 16   It is early morning. The Chinese plane waits for J
 17   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, America
 18   Disengaging his ripcord just in the nick of time J
 19   The Jap henchmen arrive in Mandon before Smilin' J
 20   As soon as the Americans are taken away the Japs d
 21   As the Jap henchmen spirit the governor away, one
 22   Lo San, the High Priest, holds back the infuriated
 23   Jack sees a shadow over his shoulder. Drawing his
 24   Smilin' Jack now tells Lo San his entire story. Th
 25   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, ace Ame
 26   Lo San, the High Priest, instructs his fierce guar
 27   In China Gertrude Miller and Kageyama hear the rep
 28   Back at Mandon the High Priest's soldiers have rel
 29   The wily Jap has arrived ahead of the Americans an
 30   The Jap renegade crumples on the Temple steps. His
 31   Now the High Priest sees for himself that the guar
 32   The Jap guard lying on the steps of the Temple had
 33   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack, ace American f
 34   Impressed with Smilin' Jack's quick-witted action
 35   The message low at first, begins to come in strong
 36   In spite of the vigilance of Fraulein von Teufel a
 37   Smilin' Jack knows that the danger is not over. He
 38   Smilin' Jack returns to his apartment after his fa
 39   In a mysterious lodging along the China waterfront
 40   Suddenly the floor gives away beneath Smilin' Jack
 41   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack, ace American f
 42   In spite of Smilin' Jack's bravery, Mah Ling is st
 43   Waiting for a time when only Janet is with Mah Lin
 44   In Jack's apartment Tommy finds signs of a scuffle
 45   Smilin' Jack is frantic when he learns about Mah L
 46   Janet Thompson is almost ill over the disappearanc
 47   Miss Miller, the Nazi spy, assembles her murderous
 48   Appearing suddenly through a secret door in the wa
 49   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack, American flyin
 50   On his way to the docks Smilin' Jack remembers whe
 51   Arriving at the chandler's shop Jack begins lookin
 52   The police find the chandler's shop easily through
 53   After cleaning up the chandler's shop, Smilin' Jac
 54   Learning through Janet that Jack has rescued Mah L
 55   General Kai Ling and his staff acompany Mah Ling t
 56   Arrangements are made for a final meeting with the
 57   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, America
 58   Before leaving Hong Kong a final meeting is held a
 59   As Sir Cecil turns over the signed pact to Jack fo
 60   The great clipper leaves for Honolulu. Aboard are
 61   British intelligence had warned Jack that plans ha
 62   Jack and Tommy give one after another of the priso
 63   Sansone died without again speaking. Both Jack and
 64   A close search of all passengers discloses nothing
 65   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, great A
 66   The search of clipper passengers is suddenly stopp
 67   On the sub the Jap captain gives Mah Ling one hour
 68   After capturing the officers and radio operator on
 69   At first the Jap crew members refuse to obey and g
 70   After the battle on the submarine is over Smilin'
 71   When the Japs learn that a freighter is on the way
 72   Forgetting all about capture now the Jap crew rush
 73   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, his pal
 74   As the submarine continues to sink, the German cap
 75   Before sending his prisoners below the Captain loo
 76   The prisoners have been shut in what appears to be
 77   With the boat all finished and covered up again th
 78   Almost immediately after the men have gone, other
 79   In a few minutes it is dark enough to launch the b
 80   Smilin' Jack uses the ship's radio to contact the
 81   What has gone before: Guarding Mah Ling, governor
 82   Smilin' Jack and his party are finally rescued by
 83   Miller is visited by a skulking Nazi agent known a
 84   Miller is taken to Blenker hideout on a lonely riv
 85   Mah Ling is carefully guarded in a secret apartmen
 86   Arriving at Mah Ling's apartment, Smilin' Jack sus
 87   Search of the other rooms of the apartment finds W
 88   Smilin' Jack races to Miller's apartment rememberi
 89   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin and asso
 90   Janet informs Miller that Jack believes the jewele
 91   Miller then rushes by short cut to the derelict ba
 92   Tommy and Capt. Wing follow Jack's instructions an
 93   Wu Tan is very worried about Mah Ling. He urges Ja
 94   Tricking the police into removing his handcuffs, S
 95   Jack has been following Blenker and suddenly appea
 96   Smilin' Jack gives himself up to the police. With
 97   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin and his
 98   After the signing of the Pact Jack feels that he n
 99   Working with the police to discover Mah Ling's mur
100   Advised by Miller that Smilin' Jack will visit him
101   Half dazed they had forgotten momentarily that Cap
102   After taking Wing to the hospital Tommy reports to
103   Continuing from the wrecked car Smilin' Jack finds
104   Smilin' Jack finds himself looking into the barrel
105   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack and his associa
106   Wu Tan becomes the real head of the Mandon governm
107   Wu Tan now tells Kai Ling that he can divulge the
108   Soon after Jack's visit with General Ling he gets
109   "Not so fast, Mr. Jack ... please to put down gun
110   Knowing that he was walking into a trap, Jack warn
111   In her Chinese costume Miss Miller, accompanied by
112   When Miller turns to confront Kageyama again she f
113   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, ace Ame
114   Running true to form, Kageyama, once he has the up
115   Jack's native spies have located the distant cabin
116   Miller, however, hasn't allowed Jack to put one ov
117   Just as Miller finishes speaking, the sound of a g
118   More trouble is in store for Jack and the Mandon p
119   Wu Tan has been active on his own. While Jack was
120   Threatened with instant death Kato is forced to ca
121   What has gone before: Smilin' Jack Martin, ace Ame
122   Arriving at the rendezvous Jack and his party is m
123   After days of hard travel Jack and his caravan ar
124   Jack is finally called to the Temple where he agai
125   During the night false Temple guards allow Kato's
126   Just as Jack is about to try the ordeal of the hot
127   After being refreshed, Jack is called to the priva
128   At last the mission of Smilin' Jack ends successfu

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