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Smurf SuperCards
Topps - 1982

Notes:  These cards approximate the modern "widevision" format, at a size 
of 4-7/8" x 2-1/2", and were issued in packs of 7 cards plus bubble gum. Card-
front backgrounds are simiular to Topps' "plaks" sets. There is a variation for 
card #49, and Lee Money (thanks!!) reports that the only difference is that one 
is marked "NUMBER 49 of --" and the other is marked merely "NUMBER 49."

No.   Caption

  1   Keep talking... I'm listening!
  2   Let's be friends
  3   T.G.I.F.
  4   Stop Look and Listen!
  5   Stay cool!
  6   Recess is my favorite subject!
  7   Life's a ball
  8   Can't you tell a superstar when you see one?
  9   2 smurfs are better than 1
 10   Taks a smurf to lunch!
 11   Have a smurfy day!
 12   I love smurfing!
 13   Calling all smurfs
 14   Smurf fever
 15   Hello Handsome
 16   Neatness Counts!
 17   Smurf's up!
 18   Keep on smurfin'...
 19   Welcome to smurf country
 20   He smurfs me... he smurfs me not
 21   You're out of the world
 22   Nothing's easy!
 23   You make me feel like a winner
 24   Don't be shy
 25   Home, smurf home!
 26   Who invented homework?
 27   We make great music together!
 28   Smurf appeal
 29   Tomorrow's Monday
 30   You're so Sweet
 31   Happy smurfday
 32   What's cookin' good lookin'?
 33   Whistle while you smurf
 34   I never met a smurf I didn't like!
 35   S-m-u-r-f-s yea team!
 36   Wanna smurf around?
 37   Want a Present?
 38   Keep smurfin'
 39   Mind if I smurf my own horn?
 40   Goin' smurfin'
 41   Don't bother me I'm Smurfin'
 42   Smurfettes should be treated Royally
 43   Come smurf with us!
 44   Ever feel you've lost your last smurf?
 45   A smurf's work is never done
 46   I Smurf You
 47   Come Smurf with me
 48   Weekends are for Smurfin'
 49   Wait till tomorrow if you think today is bad
 50   Let a smile be your umbrella
 51   Let's have a smurfy good time
 52   You're in a class by yourself
 53   Have Smurfy dreams?
 54   She smurfed me
 55   I love my smurfs
 56   Don't just stand there smurf me

©2002, 2003, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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