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Snotty Signs (Test Set)
Topps - 1986

Notes:  This was a test set that came out before Snotty Sign Stickers. Signs came in 
three shapes - triangle, octagon, and diamond (yield). They are approximately 4-1/2" 
x 4-1/2" and were packed one sign per pack. The wrapper has a checklist on back, 
complete with thumbnail of each sign. Thanks much to Sheldon Wax for the list!

There were plenty of cards that were thought to be objectionable, and were replaced 
by tamer versions during the test run. The more controversial thumbnails were 
blacked out on the wrapper for later "waves."

   No.     Title

 1 of 24   School Sucks [pulled and replaced with School Really Stinks]
 2 of 24   Danger: Zit Zone
 3 of 24   Mutants Keep Out
 4 of 24   Caution: Smart A_ _ Inside [pulled and replaced with Caution: Smart Kid Inside]
 5 of 24   No Homework Beyond This Point
 6 of 24   Boogers are Beautiful
 7 of 24   This Toilet Stinks
 8 of 24   Smell My Socks
 9 of 24   Danger: Human Gas Leak
10 of 24   Toxic Waste Area
11 of 24   Date In Bed [pulled and replaced with Pass Gas on Left]
12 of 24   Condemned By Board Of Health
13 of 24   Psycho On Premises
14 of 24   Horny Child Inside [pulled and replaced with Homework Copied Here]
15 of 24   Bed Dangerous When Wet
16 of 24   Teacher In Closet
17 of 24   Nerds Keep Out
18 of 24   I Barf For Nerds
19 of 24   Dad's Drunk Again [pulled and replaced with Hold Nose When Passing]
20 of 24   I (heart) Privacy - the heart is actually a symbol and not the word
21 of 24   Roach Resort
22 of 24   Falling Dandruff Zone
23 of 24   Gone To School (damn it) [pulled and replaced with Gone To School (darn it)]
24 of 24   No Pukes

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