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Soldier Cards
   E. Rosen Company - 1932

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3" with color artwork on fronts and 
descriptive text on backs. "This is one of a series of 192 Soldier Cards" shows 
that expansion sets were planned but not issued. American Card Catalog reference 
is R139. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                    Subtitle

  1   France
  2   Italy
  3   Roumania
  4   Russia                   (Cossack)
  5   Germany
  6   Spain
  7   Belgium
  8   Serbia
  9   Bulgaria
 10   English                  (Marine)
 11   The Scots Guards
 12   England                  (Artillery)
 13   China
 14   Poland
 15   Switzerland
 16   Australia
 17   Hungary
 18   United States Army
 19   Venezuela
 20   Austria
 21   French Colonial
 22   Yugoslavia
 23   Senegal
 24   Norway
 25   Japan
 26   Syria
 27   Greece
 28   Portugal
 29   Russia                   (Cossack)
 30   West Point               (Cadet)
 31   India
 32   Egypt
 33   Holland
 34   Alpine                   Switzerland
 35   French Foreign Legion
 36   Sweden

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