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Sonic the Hedgehog
Topps - 1993

No.   Rogue's Gallery / Sticker Text   Level

 1    Buzz Bomber                      Green Hill Zone
 2    Moto Bug                         Green Hill Zone
 3    Crabmeat                         Green Hill Zone
 4    Newtron                          Marble Zone
 5    Batbrain                         Marble Zone
 6    Spikes                           Spring Yard Zone
 7    Spike Balls                      Spring Yard Zone
 8    Jaws                             Labyrinth Zone
 9    Orbinaut                         Star Light Zone
10    Ball Hog                         Scrap Brain Zone
11    Burrobot                         Scrap Brain Zone
12    Roller                           Scrap Brain Zone
13    Splats                           Warp of Confusion
14    Coconuts                         Emerald Hill Zone
15    Spiny                            Chemical Plant Zone
16    Grabber                          Chemical Plant Zone
17    Whisp                            Aquatic Zone
18    Chop Chop                        Aquatic Zone
19    Sol                              Hill Top Zone
20    Rexon                            Hill Top Zone
21    Balkiry                          Wing Fortress Zone
22    Clucker                          Wing Fortress Zone
23    Asteron                          Casino Night Zone
24    Turtloids                        Sky Chase Zone
25    Crawl                            Casino Night Zone
26    Nebula                           Metropolis Zone
27    Flasher                          Mystic Cave Zone
28    Octus                            Oil Ocean Zone
29    Crawlton                         Mystic Cave Zone
30    Aquis                            Oil Ocean Zone
31    Shellcraker                      Metropolis Zone
32    Slicer                           Metropolis Zone
33    Grounder                         Metropolis Zone


 1    Sonic's philosophy is to have fun
 2    To save his friends, Sonic must c
 3    Robotnik wants to control and mec
 4    Sonic does not swear, take drugs,
 5    Sometimes, super-fast Sonic has t
 6    Sonic is impatient and likes to e
 7    Sonic loves junk food and it's ea
 8    Sonic is smart and tends to plung
 9    When Robotnik was Kintobor, his p
10    Sonic's forest friends taught him
11    Sonic ran so fast he turned blue
12    Robotnik loves eggs, especially r
13    Robotnik has trouble seeing his f
14    The badniks are programmed to des
15    Orphaned at an early age, Sonic g
16    Sonic has spiky quills for simple
17    He's a six-speed hedgehog: sub-so
18    In Sonic 2, the blue hedgehog is
19    Sonic is usually a blue blur as h
20    Sonic is carefree and cool - his
21    A "Robin Hood" of sorts, Sonic is
22    Miles "Tails" Prower is better kn
23    In Sonic 2, Sonic is joined by Ta
24    Tails is a loveable four year old
25    Tails isn't like all of the other
26    When Tails was younger, all his f
27    Tails worships Sonic and wants to
28    Using his two bushy tails, Tails
29    Dr. Robotnik is a brilliant mad s
30    Robotnik had an unfortunate accid
31    Robotnik and Sonic are in a race
32    He knows he can't catch Sonic by
33    With multitudes of killer creatur


Prism Cards (1:18 packs)



---   (Unnumbered)

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