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Sega's Sonic The Hedgehog (Cracker Jack) 
   Borden - 1993

Notes: These tattoos, stickers, and pencil toppers (1-1/4" x 1-3/4") 
were inserted in boxes of Cracker Jack. Each subset has its own number 
designation. Thanks to Cecil Duncan for the list!


CJ001 Tattoos - "Collect All 8"

    Sonic 3 running 
    Sonic 3 with sunglasses
    Sonic 3 head shot
    Tails headshot
    Tails  with checkerboard background
    Dr. Robotnik Angry full body
    Dr. Robotnik Angry headshot
    Knuckles full body

CJOO2 Die-Cut Stickers - "Collect All 8"

    Sonic 3 flying
    Sonic 3 running with Tails
    Sonic 3 lifting weights
    Tails running
    Tails  with checkerboard background
    Dr. Robotnik flexing muscles
    Dr. Robotnik with club
    Knuckles full body

CJ003 Pencil Toppers - "Collect All 8"

    Sonic 3 rolling
    Sonic 3 running
    Sonic running with Tails
    Tails full bodyshot
    Tails jumping
    Dr. Robotnik Angry standing left arm raised
    Dr. Robotnik close up flexing muscles

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