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Soupy Sales
   Topps - 1965

Notes:  Each card shows a facsimile autograph (not an on-card signature); all blackboard 
captions shown below are preceded by "Soupy Sez." A small fraction of the print run had
 the card-back plates reversed, so each card may have an alternate number. Also produced 
was a separate set on thin paper that was intended as wallet inserts. Many thanks to Chris 
Benjamin's The Sport Americana Price Guide to the Non-Sports Cards for filling selected 
gaps!  American Card Catalog reference is R710-15. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

Box: 24 packs of 5 sticker-cards + 1 stick gum.
Common sets (44): approx. 2.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title
      Topps 1965
  1   Girdles don't lie -- they just redistribute the truth!
  2   Keep your nails clean -- and you won't have a dirty hammer!
  3   Things always look greener -- in the other guy's wallet!
  4   Let a smile be your umbrella -- if you like to gargle snow!
  5   A good day's work never hurt anyone -- and neither did a good day's rest!
  6   When things look black -- send them to the laundry!
  7   Don't take a bath in the front room -- you might leave a ring around the walls!
  8   Don't kiss a girl under the mistletoe -- it's more fun kissing her under the nose!
  9   People who live in glass houses -- should dress in the basement!
 10   It's always easier to control your temper -- when the other guy is bigger!
 11   It's better to give than receive -- especially if it's a punch in the mouth!
 12   Don't tell anybody that you have false teeth -- unless it comes out in a conversation!
 13   Don't bite your nails -- they're for hanging up things!
 14   Look for the silver lining -- and you'll have the most expensive jacket in town!
 15   The way to a man's heart is through his stomach -- but don't let a doctor know this!
 16   If your girl swears she's never been kissed -- she has a right to swear!
 17   Don't bite your nailes -- especially if you're a carpenter!
 18   If you can't brush after every meal -- comb!
 19   Love your enemies -- Boy! Will it confuse them!
 20   Don't feed lemons to your cat -- or you'll have a sour puss!
 21   Do a good turn every day -- even if it makes you dizzy!
 22   The world is your oyster -- but the pearl belongs to the guy next door!
 23   Never kick a man when he's down -- unless you're a professional wrestler!
 24   Don't cry over spilled milk -- there's enough water in it already!
 25   Don't let grass grow under your feet -- it tickles!
 26   Be true to your teeth -- and they won't be false to you!
 27   Don't play with Daddy's pipe -- he doesn't smoke your toys!
 28   If your rug wears out, don't get a new one -- have the soles of your feet carpeted!
 29   Blood is thicker than water -- so is toothpaste!
 30   Before you hang your clothes -- make sure they get a fair trial!
 31   Show me a baby with fever -- and I'll show you a hotsy totsy!
 32   If your date won't kiss you in a canoe -- paddler her back!
 33   Show me a pineapple that plays the trumpet -- and I'll show you a tutti fruitti!
 34   The best things in life are free -- if you've got the necessary box top!
 35   If your wife wants to learn how to drive -- don't stand in her way!
 36   Keep your chin up -- it'll keep the milk from dripping on your clothes!
 37   Don't bite your nails -- or your stomach will need a manicure!
 38   Show me a beatnik bird that sings -- and I'll show you a hairy canary!
 39   There's only one disadvantage in arriving on time -- there's nobody there to appreciate it!
 40   If you want to be the center of attention -- ask for catsup in a Chinese restaurant!
 41   If you brush your teeth twice a year -- see your dentist every day!
 42   Never talk about a butter knife -- you know how those things spread!
 43   If your biscuits look pink -- maybe you're cruller blind!
 44   If you get the key to the city -- make sure you check all the locks -- and the bagels, too!
 45   Don't spill food on the floor -- it might give the termites indigestion!
 46   Don't drop out of school -- especially if you're on the third floor!
 47   Don't play in the street -- you might get that run down feeling!
 48   Watch your weight -- or you'll have more chins than a Chinese phone book!
 49   If you want to create a big stir -- build yourself a prison!
 50   Don't spread rumors at the laundromat -- unless you're willing to come clean!
 51   Where there's a will -- there are relatives!
 52   Don't kiss your girl while she's brushing her teeth -- you'll get a paste in the mouth!
 53   Cross the street with the light -- if you can rip it out of the pavement!
 54   Exercise keeps germs away -- if you can get them to do pushups, you're in!
 55   If you get tied up on the phone -- get someone to cut you loose!
 56   People who live in glass houses -- should invite Sophia Loren over the week-end!
 57   He who laughs last -- usually sits in the last row in the balcony!
 58   Here's a sure way to keep your bills down! -- Use a heavier paperweight!
 59   He who hesitates -- gets bumped from the rear!
 60   Girls who eat sweets -- take up two seats!
 61   Many a true word has been spoken -- through false teeth!
 62   If you try to pull the wool over someone's eyes -- don't use the wrong yarn!
 63   Music soothes the savage beast -- if a lion breaks into your house, turn up your record player!
 64   Don't talk about carousels -- you know how those things get around!
 65   Early to bed and early to rise -- and you won't have red in the whites of your eyes!
 66   It's easy to get kids to look up to you -- just walk in and turn off the TV set!

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