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Space Art Fantastic
Lime Rock - 1993

Notes:  Also issued as a factory set. The titles and artists' credits appear
only on the printed checklist cards; the backs of cards form an artwork
puzzle.  Thanks much to Melvin Schuetz for the corrections!!  He points
out that the credits printed on the cards for artists and titles were reversed
for 38 and CK5; the list is corrected below. Thanks also to LMA for the
factory set information!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.85 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Artist                Subject

  1   Chesley Bonestell     The Earth is Born
  2   Ludek Pesek           Uranus
  3   Don Dixon             Eruption
  4   Adolf Shaller         Jupiter Probe
  5   Ludek Pesek           Saturn From Tethys
  6   David Mattingly       Sea City
  7   John Berkey           Light Ship Descending
  8   Ron Miller            Saturn
  9   Chesley Bonestell     Separation Over the Pacific
 10   Don Davis             H.Z. Hercules Star System
 11   David Egge            Spacescape
 12   David A. Hardy        Skiing on Europa
 13   Don Davis             Cruising Over Titan
 14   Robert McCall         Space Station 2000
 15   David A. Hardy        Eruption on Io
 16   Ron Miller            Untitled
 17   David Egge            Spacescape
 18   David A. Hardy        Astroid Art
 19   Robert McCall         Earth Orbit 98
 20   David A. Hardy        Emergency Landing
 21   David A. Hardy        New Day
 22   Chesley Bonestell     Rocket Ferry Leaving Mars
 23   Ron Miller            Gliders in the Valles Marineris
 24   Don Dixon             Sunrise on Mars
 25   Ron Miller            Faster Than Light
 26   David A. Hardy        Untitled
 27   Ron Miller            The Tenth Planet
 28   Don Davis             Untitled
 29   Don Dixon             Sunset on Mars
 30   Ron Miller            Space Hardware
 31   Dean Ellis            Space Junk
 32   Denise Watt Geiger    Observatories in Space
 33   Don Dickinson         Untitled
 34   Rick Sternbach        Red Planet, Blue Planet
 35   Ron Miller            Untitled
 36   Ludek Pesek           Spacescape
 37   Ludek Pesek           Martian Duststorm
 38   Ron Miller            Spacescape
 39   Ludek Pesek           Duststorm on Mars
 40   Ludek Pesek           Saturn
 41   Ron Miller            The Sky of Venus
 42   Don Dixon             Untitled
 43   Eddie Jones           Star Port
 44   Chesley Bonestell     Mars Landscape
 45   Ron Miller            Base in Valles Marineris
 46   Steve Dodd            Somewhere Over the Rainbow
 47   Steve Dodd            Hydrogen Nebula
 48   A. Gutierrez          Untitled
 49   Dean Ellis            Ambulance Ship
 50   Chesley Bonestell     Precession

CK1   Ron Miller            The Caldera of Beta
CK2   Chesley Bonestell     Space Art Cover
CK3   Chesley Bonestell     Saturn's Rings
CK4   Joe Bergeron          Against the Fall of Night
CK5   Chesley Bonestell     Destination Moon


Hologram (1:18 packs)

H1    Bob McCall            Space 2000

Limited Edition Commemorative Factory Set

--    (55-card set)
--    (Binder)
H1    Bob McCall [hologram]
--    Certificate of Authenticity


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