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Space Candy - Series 1
Taylor-Reed Corporation - 1969?

Notes: Cards measure approximately 2-1/8" x 3", and were distributed with 
candy, enclosed in a small plastic Mercury capsule. Card fronts have color 
photos, while card backs feature captions and descriptive text. Thanks 
much to Pete Porco for the checklist!

No.   Caption

  1   Okay Fellows, I'm Ready!
  2   The "Ears" of Mission Control
  3   Ready - Jump!
  4   Splashdown!
  5   Moon Geography
  6   One Up - One to Go
  7   A Short Walk and a Long Ride
  8   Apollo 8 Gets Final Check Before Blast- Off
  9   Navy Frogman Lends a Helping Hand
 10   The Flight of "Gumdrop" and "Spider"
 11   "Walking" on the Rim of the Earth
 12   What the Well Dressed Space Walker Will Wear
 13   Hey! Let Me In
 14   Next Stop - the Moon!
 15   First Around The Moon - Apollo 8 Comes Home!
 16   Getting Ready to Dock
 17   Three, Two, One, Zero - Ignition!
 18   First Flag on the Moon
 19   Apollo 11 On The Moon
 20   So Long, Moon

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