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Space Rockets Cards
Altenburg-Stralsunder - 1984

This set is a card game marked "Space Rockets, ACE Trump Game, The Card Game 
for Collectors", made in West Germany.  Many thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for 
the checklist!

No.   Title

--    Title Card

A1    Space Shuttle I - Spacelab Launch
A2    Space Shuttle I - Auxiliary Engine Separation
A3    Space Shuttle I - Shuttle Orbiting earth
A4    Space Shuttle I - Edwards A.F.B. Landing

B1    Space Shuttle II - Loading onto Boeing 747
B2    Space Shuttle II - Piggy-back to Kennedy Space Center
B3    Space Shuttle II - European Spacelab on Board
B4    Space Shuttle II - Astronaut at Work

C1    Rockets 1957-1960 - Vanguard Launch
C2    Rockets 1957-1960 - Jupiter Launch
C3    Rockets 1957-1960 - Juno II Launch
C4    Rockets 1957-1960 - Blue Scout Preparing launch

D1    Atlas Rockets - Atlas Agena A Launch
D2    Atlas Rockets - Atlas Agena B Launch
D3    Atlas Rockets - Atlas Able on Launch Pad
D4    Atlas Rockets - Atlas centaur on Launch Pad

E1    Thor and Titan Rockets -Thor Able Launch
E2    Thor and Titan Rockets - Thor Delta E with Extra Thrust
E3    Thor and Titan Rockets - Titan I Preparing for Launch
E4    Thor and Titan Rockets - Titan I Launch

F1    European Rockets - Vostok A-1 on Transporter
F2    European Rockets - Ariane Launch
F3    European Rockets - Ariane Awaiting Launch
F4    European Rockets - Texus Skylark Launch

G1    Gemini Project - Redstone Mercury Preparation
G2    Gemini Project - Atlas Mercury Launch
G3    Gemini Project - Titan II Preparing for Launch
G4    Gemini Project - Titan II Launch

H1    Apollo Project - Saturn I Rocket Motors
H2    Apollo Project - Saturn I Before Takeoff
H3    Apollo Project - Saturn IB Launch
H4    Apollo Project - Saturn V

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