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Space! Sketch Set
   Viceroy Cards - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Viceroy website.

Pack: 1 sketch card + 1 insert. 10 packs/case.

No.    Artist / Card Text

Stamp Relic Cards (9:10 packs; various stamps attached to card backs)

SR-1   Hey, it's me. We're nearly ready to launc, so I on
SR-2   We've made it! Can you believe the view from up he
SR-3   Our mining target asteroid is beyold the orbit of
SR-4   The Hubble-2 has some amazing capabilities! This i
SR-5   This is NGC-4038, which is part of what are referr
SR-6   Recognize this? We would always try to find Messie
SR-7   There she is! At last, 243 IDA. This asteroid has
SR-8   Mission complete! Everything went by so fast. I ca
SR-9   This is it: the final stretch. We've locked in the

Sketch Cards (1:pack)

    Limited Sketches (15-25)

       Bob Adauto
       Lynne Anderson
       Mikey Babinski
       Francois Chartier
       Ted Dastick Jr.
       Jenn DePaola
       Pablo Diaz
       Mark Dos Santos
       Autumn Frederickson
       Daniel Gorman
       Chad Haverland
       Chris Henderson
       Gavin Hunt
       Gary Kezele
       Chris Manuel
       Catherine Miller
       Tim Proctor
       Kristina Sepulveda
       Eric Spohn
       Stephanie Swanger
       Mike Vasquez
       George Vega
       Joshua Werner

    Very Limited Sketches (<15)

       Charles Hall
       Ingrid Hardy
       Laura Inglis
       Leah Mangue
       Rhiannon Owens
       David Rabbitte
       Tim Shay
       Chrissie Zullo

Vintage Buyback Tobacco Cards

 --    (various)

Vintage Space Pins

 --    (various)

Soviet Space Dog Space Set

 --    (25 cards made)

Artist Sculpture Cards (10 made, by redemption)

 --    David G. Curd

Letterpress Sketch Card Printing Plates

 --    (8 made)

Letterpress Sketch Card Film Negatives

 --    (8 made)


 --    Gary Kezele (autographed)

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