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Space Jam
Upper Deck - 1996

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set. Thanks much to Todd Jordan (no
relation), Marian Heady, Judy Hall, and Rod Thole for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 flip card.
Common sets: approx. 4.10 per box if collation were perfect.
Flip card sets: 1.20, on average.
"Value-Added" packs: 6 cards + 2 flip cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.34 per 36-pack lot.
Flip card sets: approximately 2.40 per 36-pack lot.

No.   Title

All Star Cast

  1   Bugs Bunny
  2   Lola Bunny
  3   Daffy Duck
  4   Porky Pig
  5   Elmer Fudd
  6   Tasmanian Devil
  7   Sylvester
  8   Tweety
  9   Granny
 10   Wile E. Coyote
 11   Road Runner
 12   Pepe Le Pew
 13   Marvin the Martian
 14   Yosemite Sam
 15   Speedy Gonzales
 16   Foghorn Leghorn
 17   Sniffles
 18   Witch Hazel
 19   Stan Podolak
 20   Minion
 21   Charles Barkley
 22   Muggsy Bogues
 23   Michael Jordan
 24   Bertie & Hubie
 25   Swackhammer
 26   Bang
 27   Bupkus
 28   Blanko
 29   Pound
 30   Nawt

Jam Time!

 31   "Bugs' Latest Creation"
 32   "The Ducktor"
 33   "Trying to be Terrible"
 34   "The Rabbit is Revealed"
 35   "The Book of Bugs"
 36   "Daffy the Demolisher"
 37   "An Alien Crash Landing"
 38   "The Monstars Meet Their Match"
 39   "The Mean Team"
 40   "Analyzing the Competition"
 41   "Porky Solicits a Souvenir"
 42   "A Paranormal Experience"
 43   "Michael Gets a Physical"
 44   "It's Monstar Time"
 45   "Half-Time Heartbreak"


 46   Bang
 47   Bupkus
 48   Blanko
 49   Pound
 50   Nawt

Sneak Peeks

 51   Jordan with "The Ducktor"
 52   From Golf Clubs to Fan Club
 53   Jordan in "The Ducktor's" Chair
 54   Double Agent
 55   A High-Flyin', Monstars-Cryin' Jam!
 56   A Scary Stare from Air
 57   Bugs Bunny Busses a Bull
 58   Pepe Kisses One off the Glass
 59   "Nice Butt!"
 60   Jordan Lends a Hand

Marvin's Flip Clips (1:pack, 2:Value-Added pack)

F1    Now that the tiny Nerdlucks have the power to
F2    While Michael Jordan is playing golf, his fri
F3    Now in Looney Tunes land, Michael Jordan look
F4    The perplexed Michael Jordan asks his captors
F5    Bugs Bunny attempts to recruit Michael Jordan
F6    As the Looney Tunes undertake the task of con
F7    Much to the delight of the Looney Tunes, the
F8    After Michael agrees to play basketball with
F9    Michael calls his new "team" together for som
F10   Michael Jordan asks the Looney Tunes to go to
F11   Daffy Duck follows Bugs Bunny as the two burr
F12   As Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck sneak around Mic
F13   With his basketball gear now in his possessio
F14   It is now time for "The Ultimate Game." The t
F15   Swackhammer and Michael agree that if the Tun
F16   At the floundering intergalactic amusement pa
F17   After the Nerdlucks' spacecraft crashes down
F18   Once the Nerdlucks realize they have stumbled
F19   Much to the Nerdlucks' surprise, when Pound a
F20   The quick-thinking Bugs Bunny comes forward i
F21   While the Looney Tunes attempt to come up wit
F22   To help illustrate the game of basketball to
F23   During a professional basketball game at Madi
F24   As the Nerdluck "fan" attempts to steal the t
F25   The Nerdlucks continue to take the talents fr
F26   After a "mysterious" ailment overcomes five p
F27   After hearing the shocking announcement that
F28   The Looney Tunes watch in amazement as the Ne
F29   The now giant Nerdlucks give new meaning to t
F30   The Looney Tunes are horrified as they watch


Jordan's Tune Squad Cards (1:13 packs)

T1    Bugs Bunny * Forward
T2    Lola Bunny * Guard
T3    Daffy Duck * Forward
T4    Porky Pig * Center
T5    Tweety * Guard
T6    Sylvester * Center
T7    Tasmanian Devil * Center
T8    Marvin the Martian * Referee
T9    Pepe Le Pew * Guard
T10   Foghorn Leghorn * Center

Animation 3-D Motion Cards (1:72 packs, 1:36 Value-Added packs)

AN1   Enlisting a legend
AN2   Don't mess with the mean team
AN3   Sylvester Grabs a Snack
AN4   Daffy salutes the team

Space Jam Scratchers (1:12 packs, 1:3 Value-Added packs)

SC1   (body building specimen)
SC2   (fast break)
SC3   (cheerleading bunny)
SC4   (monsters surround Tweety)
SC5   (loud cheer)
SC6   (Tune Squad in awe)
SC7   (locker room conference)
SC8   (huddling with Michael)
SC9   (duck at top of the key)


SJ1   (Bugs, Jordan, Sylvester; oversized dealer promo, 12-1/4" x 12-1/4")

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