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Spartacus: Blood and Sand
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2011

Note: Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 15 packs of 2 episode cards + 4 inserts. 3000 numbered packs.
Episode Synopsis sets (26): approx. 1.15 per box if collation were perfect.
Savage or Seductive sets (9): approximately 1.67 per box.

No.   Card Text / Scene                                 Episode

   Episode Synopsis Cards (2:pack; # to 250)

  1   Ilythia's powerful father, Senator Albinius, in   The Red Serpent
  2   Ilythia's powerful father, Senator Albinius, in   The Red Serpent
  3   Spartacus awakens in the darkness, bloodied and   Sacramentum Gladiatorum
  4   As Spartacus is chained in a detention cell in    Sacramentum Gladiatorum
  5   When a new festival of games is announced, Bati   Legends
  6   At the party the night before the fight, Ilithy   Legends
  7   After Spartacus' dismal showing against Crixus,   The Thing in the Pit
  8   At the Pits, the only rule is to fight to the d   The Thing in the Pit
  9   With renewed hope of finding his wife, Spartacu   Shadow Games
 10   The games have commenced. The Magistrate tells    Shadow Games
 11   Batiatus stands before his gladiators and calls   Delicate Things
 12   Despite his feelings for Batiatus, Spartacus te   Delicate Things
 13   Spartacus is suffering emotionally from Sura's    Great and Unfortunate Things
 14   A still griving Spartacus informs Batiutus that   Great and Unfortunate Things
 15   Spartacus is now fully the Champion of Capus, c   Mark of the Brotherhood
 16   Varro, who sold himself into gladiator life to    Mark of the Brotherhood
 17   Sex, intrigue and betrayal permeate life at Bat   Whore
 18   Crixus, newly recovered from his wounds, return   Whore
 19   Varro and Spartacus battle side by side and pre   Party Favors
 20   While taking a private bath during his birthday   Party Favors
 21   Spartacus views Varro's dead body and reveals t   Old Wounds
 22   At the arena, Magistrate Calavius' absence is f   Old Wounds
 23   Framed for the murder of Magistrate Calavius, S   Revelations
 24   In an effort to wield his authority and to show   Revelations
 25   Spartacus engages the help of Mira in his plan    Kill Them All
 26   As Batiatus and Lucretia host a party for the s   Kill Them All

   Episode Corrected Card (mail-in or digital)

  1   (corrected text)


Savage Cards (1:pack, # to 350)

SA1   (leg cutoff)
SA2   (face time)
SA3   (wrist pushing)
SA4   (defeated black costume)
SA5   (five in the arena)
SA6   (sword entering belly)
SA7   (raising two blades)
SA8   (swords out over fallen)
SA9   (head raised on sword)

Seductive Cards (1:pack, # to 350)

SE1   (reclining nose biter)
SE2   (ginger necklace)
SE3   (golden man)
SE4   (offering wine)
SE5   (reclining gray nightclothes)
SE6   (circular collar)
SE7   (blonde back rub)
SE8   (he black and white, she purple)
SE9   (black head shot)

Autograph Cards (2:pack)

 --   Manu Bennett who plays Crixus
 --   Viva Bianca who plays Ilithyia
 --   Lesley-Ann Brandt who plays Naevia                (scarcer)
 --   Jai Courtney who plays Varro
 --   Erin Cummings who plays Sura
 --   John Hannah who plays Batiatus                    (scarcer)
 --   Katrina Law who plays Mira
 --   Lucy Lawless who plays Lucretia                   (scarcer)
 --   Nick Tarabay who plays Ashur
 --   Antonio Te Maioha who plays Barca
 --   Andy Whitfield who plays Spartacus                (scarcer)

Card Album (sold separately; 4 albums/case)

 --   (binder)
 P2   Spartacus Blood and Sand [full front armor; men]


 P1   Spartacus Blood and Sand [right shoulder; women]
 P2   Spartacus Blood and Sand [full front armor; men]

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