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Spartacus: Blood and Sand Promo Set
   Starz - 2009

Notes:  These foil-enhanced cards were distributed in packs of 12 at the 2009 
San Diego Comic Con. However, there were two different packs that each held 
8 different cards plus 4 duplicates. The 4 cards that are reported to be "scarce" 
(relatively) are noted  below.


    A New Starz Original Series [cover card]
    Spartacus - Andy Whitfield
    Lucretia - Lucy Lawless
    Batiatus - John Hannah
    Varro - Jai Courtney
    Crixus - Manu Bennett
    Doctore - Peter Mensah
    Sura - Erin Cummings
    Ashur - Nick Tarabay                       [scarce]
    Barca - Antonio Te Maioha                  [scarce]
    Glaber - Craig Parker                      [scarce]
    Ilythia - Viva Bianca                      [scarce]

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