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Spartacus: Vengeance Premium Packs
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Pack: 7 cards. 15 packs/box.
Episode sets (30): approx. 1.5 per box if collation were perfect.

Episode Synopsis Cards (3:pack)

E1    Making his home base in the sewers of Capua, Spart    Fugitivus
E2    Glaber and his pregnant wife, Ilithyia, along with    Fugitivus
E3    As he addresses the citizens of Capua, Glaber reve    Fugitivus
E4    As Oenomaus struggles to find his place in the wor    A Place in This World
E5    In an effort to accelerate his mission to destroy     A Place in This World
E6    An unsuccessful attempt is made on Spartacus' life    A Place in This World
E7    Spartacus and his band of rebels attack a Roman tr    The Greater Good
E8    Senator Albinius travels to Capua and continues to    The Greater Good
E9    Disguised as slaves, Spartacus, Crixus and Mira le    The Greater Good
E10   After narrowly escaping from the mines, Spartacus     Empty Hands
E11   Glaber agrees to throw a party in Varinius' honor,    Empty Hands
E12   After battling Glaber's troops, the rebels are dec    Empty Hands
E13   The surviving rebels, led by Spartacus, retreat to    Libertus
E14   While Spartacus, Agron, Mira and others plan their    Libertus
E15   Spartacus and the rebels covertly gain access to t    Libertus
E16   After the destruction of the arena in Capua at the    Chosen Path
E17   A despondent Ilithyia seeks comfort with Lucretia,    Chosen Path
E18   Spartacus tries to convince Gannicus to join the r    Chosen Path
E19   Spartacus and Agron lead an attack in Neapolis, wh    Sacramentum
E20   Ilithyia convinces Glaber to allow her to return t    Sacramentum
E21   An evening of merriment takes a nasty turn for the    Sacramentum
E22   After being threatened by Glaber, Gannicus has tak    Balance
E23   At the agreed upon location in a remote village, G    Balance
E24   After losing her chance to enlist Gannicus to kill    Balance
E25   Spartacus leads a fake attack on the rebel encampm    Monsters
E26   Spartacus tries to unify the rebels with a day of     Monsters
E27   After Ashur makes an educated guess at the whereab    Monsters
E28   After a failed attemped to ambush the Romans at th    Wrath of the Gods
E29   Ashur goes to the top of Mt. Vesuvius, where he of    Wrath of the Gods
E30   Ilithyia's water breaks, and Lucretia helps delive    Wrath of the Gods


Die-Cut Gold Plaque Cards (1:pack)

GV1   Spartacus
GV2   Claudius Glaber
GV3   Agron
GV4   Seppia
GV5   Seppius
GV6   Naevia
GV7   Senator Albinius
GV8   Varinius

Autograph Cards (2:pack)

   Spartacus: Vengeance

 --   Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Naevia                      Extremely Limited (<200)
 --   Viva Bianca as Ilithyia [right profile]               Very Limited (200-300)
 --   Viva Bianca as Ilithyia [face forward]                Very Limited (200-300)
 --   Tom Hobbs as Seppius [left profile]                   Limited (300-500)
 --   Tom Hobbs as Seppius [face forward]                   Limited (300-500)
 --   Katrina Law as Mira [drawing bow]                     Limited (300-500)
 --   Katrina Law as Mira [face forward]                    Limited (300-500)
 --   Liam McIntyre as Spartacus                            Extremely Limited (<200)
 --   Brooke Williams as Aurelia                            Limited (300-500)
 --   Kevin J. Wilson as Senator Albinius                   Very Limited (200-300)
 --   Conan Stevens as Sedullus                             Extremely Limited (<200)

   Spartacus: Blood and Sand

 --   Janine Burchett as Domitia                            Normal (>500)
 --   Daniel Feuerriegel as Agron                           Normal (>500)
 --   Peter Mensah as Doctore                               Extremely Limited (<200)
 --   Craig Parker as Claudius Glaber                       Normal (>500)
 --   Brooke Williams as Aurelia                            Limited (300-500)
 --   Kevin J. Wilson as Senator Albinius                   Very Limited (200-300)
 --   Craig Walsh-Wrightson as Solonius                     Very Limited (200-300)

Spartacus Relic Cards (1:pack)

 --   Glaber [cloth tunic]
 --   Glaber [leather skirt]
 --   Glaber's Undershirt                                   Balance
 --   Ilithyia [dress]
 --   Ilithyia's Dress                                      Empty Hands
 --   Lucretia [purple dress]
 --   Lucretia's Dress [landscape]                          The Greater Good
 --   Seppia [brown dress]
 --   Seppia's Dress [landscape]                            Empty Hands

 --   Doctore's Whip                                        The Greater Good
 --   Glaber's Documents                                    Sacramentum
 --   Mira's Maps                                           The Greater Good

Box-Topper Plastic Poster Card

CT1   Spartacus Vengeance

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   Spartacus Vengeance (binder)
 P2   (indoors; exclusive promo card)

Multiple-Box Purchase Incentive Cards

 --   Spartacus' Map [relic; 2 boxes] [The Greater Good]
 --   Steven S. DeKnight - Creator [autograph; 4 boxes, 63 made]
 --   (archive box; all pack-inserted cards)


 P1   (in woods; general distribution)
 P2   (binder exclusive, also listed above)

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