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Parody Press! - 1993

Note:  This is a delightful parody of the Plasm Zero card set, originally distributed
as a boxed set.  You may ask "Why?"  I don't, it's delightful all the same.

No.   Dialog / Text on card front

  1   He is Lofca, Flagship Korp pawn of the other-reali
  2   Darned Allergies! Why am I the only one being alle
  3   Well within the parody limits of reality...
  4   Here, in Other Reality, we really put ourselves in
  5   It makes my Other-Reality heart tweaked to see the
  6   Nonetheless, it does myself good to take my hair o
  7   "... new Talunt."
  8   "... and getting processed into..."
  9   "It's a thrilling aqnd vital process, watching Ide
 10   "And the Fanz, who have been worked into a frenzy
 11   Hey, Fanz! Komikz!
 12   "Once completed, the komik is thrown to the Fanz,
 13   Izzitalimitededitionavailabletoretailurzwhoordered
 14   Izzitfoil enhanced? Izzitsignedandnumbered?
 15   The panel's over there! (We can't use every space.
 16   I, Oneymanmay, haven't seen any Ideeyuz so bright
 17   I never get any good ideeyuz. Nicely hot!
 18   Izzithot? Izzithot? Izzithot?
 19   Poit? I don't care if I go broke, so long as I'm p
 20   Poit!
 21   Couldn't he just say excuse me?
 22   What I don't understand is why we never see new pe
 23   This way, no one ever needs truly new ideeyuz. We
 24   Old ideeyuz, old heeroze, old komikz, they never g
 25   All hail the banner of the Korp!
 26   And best of all, the Korp owns everything! Never d
 27   Honus Wagner
 28   Dr. J
 29   Joe Montana
 30   Nolan Ryan
 31   I'm glad you mentioned that! I nearly forgot. Gak!
 32   Why are we fighting about this? Don't you have a g
 33   It's a crucial plot point! Oh, poo! Like this stor
 34   That dress tweaks my slinky! I'm ready, let's go!
 35   Okay, but only because I know we need another brea
 36   Tell you what, I'll make it up to you. Oh, and how
 37   Don't move, or I'll miss! Be careful! He might hav
 38   Oh, no! Korp Kopz!
 39   Freeze!
 40   You can't arrest me! Do you know who you're dealin
 41   Fup!
 42   You are charged with blasphemy and doubting the na
 43   I've been pogged!
 44   Fla-Brzt
 45   We have ways of dealing with snot like you!
 46   You didn't even blink when Irlgay was consigned to
 47   I didn't even blink when Irlgay was canceled! Exac
 48   And, while we're at it... ... This court finds Lof
 49   Do you have any last words before I carry out your
 50   To do that, we must first shift this Other-Reality
 51   .. I didn't support her beliefs! I am loyal to the
 52   Oh, ~*!!!
 53   The only thing the Korp cares about is the Bottom
 54   Punchline? You think we care about the punchline?

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