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Comic Images - 1995

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.96 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text

 01   From the viewpoint of the Hubble telescope in the si
 02   The original message, which was broadcast from Earth
 03   Two years later, the result of the scientists' exper
 04   The technicians refuse to meet Sil's gaze, as they a
 05   There's an immediate response tantamount to a serial
 06   Back at Visitor Base One, the lab from which Sil esc
 07   Sil manages to get some much-needed rest on the boxc
 08   Using her alien ability to visualize auras and odors
 09   A famished Sil hops off the train at a small-town st
 10   Sil steals a duffel from the platform, and boards a
 11   The dining car is temporarily closed, giving Sil the
 12   Back in her sleeper cabin, Sil is interrupted by a t
 13   Meanwhile, Fitch and his aides have found the hobo's
 14   Fitch decides upon a formidable team: the scientific
 15   On the L.A.-bound train, Sil watches television and
 16   Sil dreams again, this time of an animated train of
 17   The works begin weaving a cocoon around Sil, hoistin
 18   Fitch's "dream-team" assembly awaits him in an offic
 19   Fitch reveals to the team the reason he was preparin
 20   Sil bursts out of her cocoon in the sleeping car bat
 21   Within moments of their arrival, Fitch's "dream-team
 22   On the streets of L.A., Sil ducks into a bridal shop
 23   The team agrees to Dr. Laura Baker's suggestion that
 24   At the controls outside the lab, Fitch announces ove
 25   The lab door slams shut just as the alien attempts t
 26   Overwhelmed by messages of sensuality, femininity an
 27   Before allowing Sil to leave, the desk clerk asks fo
 28   She begins unpacking from her shopping trip, laying
 29   Sil glides into ID, an old movie palace converted to
 30   Sil begins her attempt at seduction and makes small
 31   In the car, Sil tells Robbie she doesn't know where
 32   Hot on Sil's trail, the team gets directions to the
 33   The team reaches Robbie's house and creeps inside. P
 34   As a biologist, Laura senses that Sil is looking to
 35   Sil has another dream, this time of fornication on h
 36   The truck speeds off after hitting Sil. John Carey,
 37   At the hospital, John hands an admitting hurse his c
 38   Sil convinces John that she's fine, and he agrees to
 39   Armed with John's address and a video image of Sil a
 40   Night falls, and Sil lures John into the hot tub. Th
 41   Sil calls upon the lessons she's learned since break
 42   Believing he's got a nut on his hands, John attempts
 43   After a scare in the woods involving a squirrel, Pre
 44   Sil sees a woman in her late 20s coming out of the s
 45   Sil watches Fitch's team outside of John Carey's hou
 46   After a bit of sleuthing, Sil discovers Press' hotel
 47   In further preparation for her plan, Sil drives the
 48   That night, Fitch decides to return the team to ID,
 49   Dan throws his arms up in surrender, fear freezing h
 50   Her plan in action, Sil leaps into the car she stole
 51   The car has become a bomb, with gasoline sloshing ar
 52   Sil creeps down the hill to the waiting station wago
 53   At a bar on Mulholland, Fitch and the team gather to
 54   Laura and Press are getting to know each other on th
 55   Having watched the exchange between Press and Laura,
 56   Dan convinces Press that Laura is only acting as tho
 57   Sil ("Nicole") watches Press go into a room down the
 58   Having just struck out with the ladies in the bar do
 59   Meanwhile, Dan watches television in his room, feeli
 60   Dan bolts to laura's door, practically breaks in and
 61   Arden is busy enjoying the afterglow when "Nicole" i
 62   Sil senses that she's trapped, as Press, Laura and D
 63   After seeing Arden's body, the rest of the team real
 64   Fitch had a nice theory, but failed to realize that
 65   Fitch, Laura and Dan head toward the direction of th
 66   The team ventures into a boiler room, scanning the w
 67   Press speculates that Sil squeezed through the sewer
 68   The crew consults its empath for Sil's direction, bu
 69   The team argues in the tunnel, as Fitch insists on g
 70   Fitch notices the bubbles in the water, and leans do
 71   Dan is able to get a peek at Sil before she submerge
 72   The three remaining members of Fitch's team - having
 73   But Sil isn't under the water at all! In fact, she's
 74   Press quickly scans the walls and ceilings of the tu
 75   Press and company follow the ripples in the water, b
 76   Press blasts the crevice wide open with his flamethr
 77   Meanwhile, Sil has chosen a small cave in which to g
 78   Press, Laura and Dan emerge from the stifling shaft
 79   Dan again senses something behind him, but this time
 80   Dan climbs the rocks and ledges of the cavern, wavin
 81   Dan puts down his flamethrower and approaches the sp
 82   Dan decides to climb more rocks, heading toward the
 83   The rat prepares to take a bite out of Sil's son, bu
 84   Dan cries out, and Laura rushes over toward him. Pre
 85   Dan fights to get to his feet as the child, now meta
 86   Press and Laura gather at the ledge above Dan, and h
 87   At Press' insistence, Laura and Dan head toward the
 88   Press and Laura sit peacefully watching the sunset o
 89   Laura can't help but wonder: Since Sil was half-huma
 90   Species [Movie Poster Image / Checklist]


Superstars Chromium Cards (1:16 packs)

 C1   Ben Kingsley
 C2   Michael Madsen
 C3   Alfred Molina
 C4   Forest Whitaker
 C5   Marg Helgenberger
 C6   Natasha Henstridge

Sil Subset Cards (1:36 packs)


Medallion Card (1:108 packs)

 --   Boy Sil

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)
 --   (9-card panel)


---   Video Effects by M.K. Giger (Unnumbered; dealer promo, Combo, insert in
         Phil Rizutto's Baseball packs)
---   (6-up panel)

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