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Speed Racer
Prime Time - 1993

Note:  Also available was a "gold" parallel set of 55 cards, distributed approximately
7 sets per case.

No.   Title                          Type

 01   The Great Plan                 Episodes
 02   Challenge of the Masked Racer  Episodes
 03   The Secret Engine              Episodes
 04   Race against the Mamoth Car    Episodes
 05   The Most Dangerous Race        Episodes
 06   Race for Revenge               Episodes
 07   The Desperate Desert Race      Episodes
 08   The Fire Race                  Episodes
 09   Girl Daredevil                 Episodes
 10   The Fastest Car on Earth       Episodes
 11   Mach 5 vs. Mach 5              Episodes
 12   The Royal Racer                Episodes
 13   The Car Hater                  Episodes
 14   Race Against Time              Episodes
 15   The Snake Track                Episodes
 16   The Man on the Lam             Episodes
 17   Gang of Assassins              Episodes
 18   The Race for Life              Episodes
 19   The Supersonic Car             Episodes
 20   Crash in the Jungle            Episodes
 21   The Terrifying Gambler         Episodes
 22   The Secret Invaders            Episodes
 23   The Man Behind the Mask        Episodes
 24   The Car Destroyer              Episodes
 25   The Desperate Racer            Episodes
 26   The Dangerous Witness          Episodes
 27   Race the Laser Tank            Episodes
 28   The Great Car Westling Match   Episodes
 29   Motorcycle Apaches             Episodes
 30   Car with a Brain               Episodes
 31   Junk Car Grand Prix            Episodes
 32   The Car in the Sky             Episodes
 33   The Trick Race                 Episodes
 34   Race around the World          Episodes
 35   Speed Racer                    Winner's Circle
 36   Racer X                        Winner's Circle
 37   Pops Racer                     Winner's Circle
 38   Trixie                         Winner's Circle
 39   Sparky                         Winner's Circle
 40   Spridle and Chim Chim          Winner's Circle
 41   Mom                            Winner's Circle
 42   Inspector Detector             Winner's Circle
 43   Mach 5                         Mean Machines
 44   Racer X's #9                   Mean Machines
 45   Mammoth Car                    Mean Machines
 46   GRX                            Mean Machines
 47   Supersonic Car                 Mean Machines
 48   Mallenge                       Mean Machines
 49   Car Acrobatic Team Cars        Mean Machines
 50   Captain Terror                 Rogues' Gallery
 51   Cruncher Block                 Rogues' Gallery
 52   Ace Duecy                      Rogues' Gallery
 53   Tongue Blaggard                Rogues' Gallery
 54   Mark Meglaton                  Rogues' Gallery
 55   Checklist


Chromium Subset

 C1   Ready for Adventure
 C2   Fully Loaded
 C3   Wet & Wild
 C4   Big Brother Is Watching
 C5   Belly of the Beast
 C6   Classic Speed


 P3   (Mail-in)
 --   (6-up panel)

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